December Wrap Up

Hi there friends!

What a year 2020 has been... Even with all the challenges we faced, we managed to get through the year that was TOGETHER. None of what we are doing works unless we all communicate and work together - and we have really all done our parts this year. Thank you all for your cooperation and confidence in us to care for your children!

We are excited for a new year, hopefully full of new possibilities! Regardless of what comes own the pike - you know will be making sure the kids are having as much fun as they possibly can!
Outdoor Play
We have been taking full advantage of the snow! Forts, snow men, and sledding - you name it we're enjoying it!

Please continue to send in your child's snow stuff, and do check it at night to see if it needs a few minutes in the dryer!
Indoor Creativity
We continue to be impressed by the creativity the kids have shown here! We have tried to rotate different toys in and out so that nothing gets stale to them. While legos and fuze beads dominated the beginning part of the year new toys like Knex, rainbow loom, marble runs and dominos have begun to be the new go-to's for the kids indoor creative outlets.
Dates to Remember for January
Wednesday Schedule:
Cohort A: 1/6, 1/20
Cohort B: 1/13, 1/27

1/18/21: MAP Closed for MLK Day

Keep an eye for February Vacation Information soon!
All of us are so appreciative of all the families generosity this year with the gifts we received from families!

Thank you all so much for the generous teacher appreciation gift, all of the cards, and all of the other goodies!

Thank you all again!

-Wheelock Staff
If you have traveled, please keep in mind the
Massachusetts Travel Order:  

Take good care, happy new year,
´╗┐best wishes for health & happiness in 2021!

Additional Zooms?
If your child will be having additional Zoom meetings during the day, please let me know so I can set an alarm to remind both them, and us, to get them logged into it!
Did you see our light display? We did the candy cane P!
For this month, we will receive a $1 donation from shaws for every reusable bag purchased! If you shop there, picking one up helps MAP!
Alex Sakash
2-3 Program Director

Annette Gallagher, M. Ed.
Executive Director

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