Welcome to (or back to) Wheelock MAP!

We are approaching the beginning of the 2021-22 school year! Each new year brings with it new kids, new hopes, new goals, and new challenges. Every year is unique and different here at MAP - and it is always something I look forward to each and every year.

To all of our incoming Second Grade families - we are SO excited to meet you all! To all of our new Third Graders - we are EQUALLY as excited to meet you! And for our returning Third Grade friends - we are so excited to see how much you've grown over the summer and are very much looking forward to building upon our relationships!

We have been working hard here to get the room ready for you all, and have been busy planning out a year that will be largely follow the interests of our students! We have set ourselves up to be responsive to YOUR interests - and are amped to explore those interests with you as well as introduce you to some of ours!

Welcome - we are so glad you will be spending your afternoons with us!


YOU Are Invited!

Remember that this coming Monday, 8/31 from 4:30pm-6pm is our Open House! Come on down to the Wheelock Playground!

We will be circulating the playground and available to meet, chat, and answer questions! We will take families into the building in shifts to get a lay of the land inside!

If it happens to be raining - we will reschedule for TUESDAY 8/31 at the same time!

Location Info

To access our program, please follow the route pictured! We are the big blue modular building behind Wheelock!

Please click above to familiarize yourself with the MAP Calendar! Note that if a half-day falls on your child's regularly scheduled MAP day - we will be looking for them in the MAP line at dismissal. Please let us know if you change their plans!

Please click above for our Family Handbook - your guide to all things MAP as a parent!

Safety at MAP

While your child is at MAP, safety is our top priority! We will continue some of the precautions we put into place last year to minimize risk.

At the start of the year, everyone in the MAP building will be required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. If this were to change later in the year, we would communicate with families ahead of time. Children and teachers can play and enjoy time outside without masks.

We will maintain distance while eating, and aim to eat outside as long as weather permits.

We will start the year in cohorts by grade. While they will able to play with one another outdoors, we will be keeping each grade separate during the indoor times of the day. Wheelock MAP has traditionally done 2 groups anyway, so this is a bit of a return to our normal programming - however there will be less interaction between the groups at the end of the day.

We ask that families keep us in the loop if anything is going on - if someone isn't feeling well, someone in the house has been a close contact, someone has tested positive, etc. Not all of these examples will exclude a child from care, but it is important for us to know and be able to follow the appropriate guidelines. Thank you!

Meet The Team!


Alex- Program Director

This is Alex's 8th year at MAP - but 13th overall as he went to MAP as a child!

Alex loves Disc Golfing, History, and nerding out in Dungeons and Dragons


Joe - Team Teacher

This is Joe's 4th year as a teacher here at Wheelock MAP!

Joe has teacher aided over with Mrs. Sheehan at Wheelock, and was the Remote 4th and 5th Grade teacher last year at Dale!


Maureen - Team Teacher

This is Maureen's 3rd year as a teacher here at Wheelock MAP!

Maureen has an extensive teaching background and loves doing MESSY SCIENCE PROJECTS!


Kim - Team Teacher

This is Kim's 3rd year here at Wheelock MAP!

Kim loves gaming and Eastern Culture and has introduced eastern food, art, and language to the program!


Kelly - Team Teacher

This is Kelly's second year here at Wheelock MAP!

Kelly loves crafting, and being active outdoors playing Disc Golf!


Jack - Team Teacher

This is Jack's second year here at Wheelock MAP - but he is a MAP veteran himself from when he attended as a child!

Jack loves sports and being active with the kids!


Josue - Team Teacher

This Josue's first year as a MAP teacher! He loves traveling the world and strives to bring positivity everywhere that he goes!

Do YOU know someone who would be great on our team? We're hiring!


Upcoming Dates to Know

9/1 - First Day of School and MAP for Gr. 1-12!

9/3 - Early Release Day for Gr. 1-12 - all children who are regularly enrolled on Fridays will come to MAP at 11:40. Please send a lunch and extra snacks, and be sure to let us know if your child will not be attending MAP.

9/6 - No School, MAP CLOSED, enjoy the long weekend!

9/7 - No School, MAP OPEN 8am-6pm for families who have signed up. Space may still be available - email Alex if you are interested

9/8 - First Day of School and MAP for Kindergarten and Jump Start!

9/16 - No School, MAP OPEN 8am-6pm for families who have signed up. Space may still be available - email Alex if you are interested

Alex Sakash

Program Director 2-3 MAP



Annette Gallagher

Executive Director