We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Kelly brought us the idea of making "thankful turkeys" where each day kids who so choose can cut out a feather, write what they are thankful for, and pin it on the turkey on their side of the room. Beautiful plumage on both sides turkeys! Check 'em out!
We can use the PLAYGROUND!
The kids have really enjoyed having the playground structures back now that the woodchips are at the correct depth! We have been able to use the playgrounds after school is out and we get a chance to spray down the play structures!

The Perspective of a MAPster
Charlotte had an idea one day to let the kids take our camera and kind of document their afternoon. She found looking back that it offered a bit of a new perspective for us to look at the program as a child would. So enjoy our little album of MAP as a MAPster sees it!

More Creativity!
On the other side of the room, the dominos have become increasingly popular! Our boys have been really feeling creative and making complex domino rallies with both the dominos, marbles, blocks and even Jenga pieces! Check out the video here! Password is "dominos"
Angel Run
One of the things that we really pride ourselves upon is our connections within the community. A long running relationship we have is with the Angel Run! We have been providing baked goods and large decorations in years past. Since the Angel Run needed to change this year, so did we! We provided some of the directional and motivational signs that lined the route this year! Hopefully they kept you on track and motivated!
Commendable Behavior Booklets
In past years, we have given out "commendations" for stellar behavior to our kiddos. This year with the added responsibilities at MAP we wanted to add some layers to these to help them with keeping track of their work, their belongings, and of course for their awesome attitudes! We have created booklets for the kids to collect "stamps" for. Once they get a certain amount they can turn in for a prize! We've definitely noticed a bit more of a focus being put on organization of their materials since we introduced these!
Reminders for November
  • Cohort A attends on the Wednesdays of... 12/2 and 12/16

  • Cohort B attends on the Wednesday of...12/9 and 12/23

  • MAP is CLOSED Wednesday 12/24-1/3

  • We will see you 1/4/21!

*If you have a tuition check, please mail it rather than hand it to a teacher! Thanks!
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