March 2019
2nd-3rd Grade MAP News
Dates To Note:

Wednesday 3/13: Half Day

Thursday 3/21: Half Day

Tuesday 3/26: Half Day

Reminder: Sign ups for the non school day (April 4) and April Vacation (4/16-19) will be coming out soon! Be on the lookout!

March 29th is the MAP Jammie Jam! We understand that sometimes parents need to get out and have an evening to MAP is here to help!

On Friday March 29th, we will be open until 9:30, and will serve our MAPsters Pizza, offer some fun projects, and cap off the evening with a game of man hunt in the school! This is always a fun night for the kids! 

is limited! So get your sign up forms in to us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Deadline in 3/12!

Where you paying attention?

Last month I asked for parents to submit their favorite rock and roll song in response to Zack's history of rock group!

Thanks to Sarah Fitzsimmons for submitting one of my all time favorites "Master of Puppets" by Metallica! 

This months is easy to find- and should be fun!


It is that time to RE-ENROLL your child in MAP for next year! 

Forms were sent out via constant contact earlier this week, and are also available in hard copy by the sign out book! 

These are due Friday 3/15!!

February is the shortest month of the year...with a half day and a vacation packed in to make even SHORTER! 

February began the 600s section of our Dewey Decimal trip through the library of life. Our weekly themes were inventions, and architecture, broken up by our February vacation theme of "Living Our Best Lives"! 

We had a half day on February 6th, which Charlotte offered a creative car making project with some recycled materials that saw the kids making some creative life size vehicles...

We capped off the half day with Chris and Charlotte's Magic Club show! The kids worked hard all session learning tricks and got to present to parents and peers!

Over the vacation our theme was "Living Our Best Lives." Tuesday was "mind and spirit" day were we did some focused meditation! On Wednesday, we focused on "Community" and making ours better! Charlotte and a few students made a thank you card for the school's often forgotten but hard working custodians, and Alex and a few of the kids made Good Vibe rocks to place around town!

On Thursday, we had "Physical Well Being" day, highlighted by a field trip to an indoor rock climbing place and ninja gym!

Upon returning to the program, Nescarly and Ruth allowed the kids to "keeeeeeeeep sweating!" with fitness icon Richard Simmons, which is always a fun time! If you would like your child featured in the next newsletter- send me a picture of them in the most glittery, sweatbandy, over the top Richard Simmons outfit you can cobble together! Bonus points awarded if parents are involved...after all- it IS "Dancing to the Oldies" :)

For inventions week,  Maureen spent a day talking about one of her favorite people in history: Louis Pasteur! Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist who invented vaccines for rabies and anthrax, as well as figured out how allow items like milk to keep longer by heating it to  eliminate pathogens that contributed to the product spoiling. This process is now called pasteurization! Maureen let the kids act out major breakthroughs that Pasteur came up with!

For Archetecture week, both Chris and Zack allowed the kids to be creative and visualize as they built structures. Chris displayed the the load bearing abilities of different shapes by stacking blocks on top of various three dimensional paper shapes, while Zack had the kids try to build the tallest structure with materials in the room!

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