December 2017
2nd-3rd Grade MAP News
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Tuesday Dec. 12-
Half Day, Theme: TBD

Friday. Dec. 22-
Half Day, Theme: TBD

December 25-January 1
MAP is Closed: Have a nice vacation!

Learn what your MAPster learned!

Flying cars are here! Check it out  at

Did you know MAP has a fossil dating back roughly 250 MILLION years ago? Former MAPster turned Archaeologist Mark Agostino donated it!

Want to see Alex as a MAPster back in the 90s? Look no further!

Although the Magic School Bus was a staple of the 90s, it only had 4 seasons.

Archaeopteryx was a feathered dinosaur, and might just be the first bird!

Did you know the Puritans used Cranberries, Onions, and Grapes as dye for their clothing?

75% of the world will not have enough food tonight- we should all be thankful for the food we have!

There are places in the world where children need to climb multiple ladders up steep mountainsides to get to school!

There are 12 "measures" or "bars" in a blues song!

Do you know our snow day policy?

You can find that information in the Family Handbook on page 18!
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November in Review:

With three half days, a three day weekend, and Thanksgiving Break it felt like November passed with the blink of an eye! However for such a short month we packed a lot of fun stuff into the time we had! Get ready for a long newsletter- because we did a BUNCH of amazing stuff!

This month for the quantitative themes we focused on time, and broke the two weeks into the "future" and the "past." In future week, Maureen showed the children the classic cartoon "The Jetsons" and had the kids look at the technology that people thought we would have in the future back in 1962! While the show was set in 2062, our MAPsters found that we already have a bunch of the futuristic inventions today in 2017! Things like moving walkways and items that resembled smartwatches and cell phones were featured in the show and are existing in reality way ahead of the Jetsons' schedule! Imagine what 2062 will actually bring!

Carldine showed us that the future is now, and that flying cars are no longer only in science fiction. The Slovak company AeroMobil is pioneering the flying car industry! You can check out videos and more information located in the "Learn what your MAPster learned" section! 

For our first half day of the month, we went to Infinity & Beyond with a variety of futuristic and space themed projects! Alex and Austin let the MAPsters take to the sky with Rocket Launches, while Sarah helped children make their own Jetpacks! That day was truly a blast!  
We traveled back in time during the "past" week with an Archaeological themed half-day! Tracy brought in a variety of artifacts from the Salem Maritime Historical Site which she buried out in the playground and let children excavate the area to unearth some of this artifacts from the 1800s! With Charlotte, MAPsters were able to create their own Dinosaur fossils out of model magic!

As the week progressed,  Joe tested the MAPsters on their knowledge of Dinosaurs and read a crowd favorite "Edwina the Dinosaur" while Sarah took the kids down memory lane showing them pictures of what their teachers looked like in 2nd and 3rd grade!

As Thanksgiving approached, we launched into "thankful" week for our first Qualitative theme. We shared our own little MAPgiving tradition on our final half day! The children made our traditional fruit and cheese turkey out of melon, mixed fruit, cheese and skewers to all enjoy for snack! Tracy brought in some 1600s styled clothes from Saugus Ironworks for the kids to reenact a 1600s town meeting. Check out the pictures below for our Puritans!


We closed the month with "Blue" week, where Austin, Alex and Joe put on a Blue Man Group style performance for the kids...complete with a PVC drumbone, marshmallows, and rolls of toilet paper...

Wow! What a month! 
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