January 2020
2nd-3rd Grade MAP News
Dates To Note:

Friday Jan 17:
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Monday, Jan 20:
MLK Day No School/No MAP

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Got an incoming Jump Starter or Kindergartener?

Dear MAP Families,
Happy New Year! While it seems like the next school year is very far away, we've begun planning & preparing for 2020-2021! 
For families with an incoming Jump Starter or Kindergartener, please email Annette, annette.map@comcast.net to be placed on the list to receive our registration materials. In the email, please include your name, your child's name, and if you are interested in Jump Start or Kindergarten.  We are anticipating the school sending out their placements in mid-to late February.  If that happens, MAP will send out our registration information after February Vacation.
MAP families have often shared with us how much their children have enjoyed and learned during their time at MAP. We hope that if you have the opportunity to share your child's MAP experience with future Jump Start or Kindergarten families, that you'll let them know that MAP is a great place to be!
For our current families, MAP will be conducting re-enrollment for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year during that same time, February 25 - March 13, 2020.
Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and to pass along my contact information to anyone interested in MAP.

Winter is HERE!

Please make sure your children have weather appropriate clothing! Bonus points if names are written in snow gear! 

You can find that information about our snow day policy in the Family Handbook on page 18!

December in Review:

December is a month of half days- FOUR OF THEM to be exact! Unreal! While the month was short, those days definitely made fora busy month none the less! 

Our first half day fell on December 5th, where we had a dream theme! We read stories about dreams, talked about our weirdest dreams and Ariana  made awesome dream catchers with the kids!
We then held our "Rock n' Roll" day, where did a variety of musical themed activities! Zack  brought in his drum kit and put it out on the porch for the kids to play! We ended up dragging that half day theme out for the entire week and investigated all sorts of different types of music!

We spent out third half day with a "Snow Day" theme and did things you would hope to do if school were cancelled. Snow shoeing, sledding, snow forts, and more!

We also did a Polar Express rendition for the kids! All the teachers got in costume and acted out a little custom mix of the book and movie! The children all got some hot chocolate and some candy canes from Santa! To make it EXTRA magical for our third graders, one of our teachers from last year Bridget came to visit for the day!

Our final half day before the vacation we spent doing various types of holiday preparation! 

As we look ahead into 2020, we are interested in bringing in some outside fun on Fridays! If you have a nifty job, or an interesting hobby that you are willing to share - let me know! We love to teach and the kids do enjoy what we do, but a change in voice is always welcomed! 

Contact Us:

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