2-3 December 2022

One holiday down - one more to go in 2022!

As we start truly getting into winter, please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for outside play! We will be squeezing all the bits of daylight we can out of each day to give our friends time to play outside! Labeling gloves and hats will be super helpful as well!

We have a lot to fit into this short time between vacations! Our first semesters of clubs are wrapping up this week - I know all the teachers enjoyed spending time with their club friends this first quarter! Adventure Club with Jack FINALLY got some good weather on their days to actually go out and explore, Fashion Club made a ton of creative things, Dinosaur Club got super messy with paper meche eggs, and Sports Club all got their own Disc Golf discs!

Take a second to check out our new clubs that will be starting next week below! Once we have sign ups done this week, we will again be sending home a little slip with your child letting parents know what the best time for pick up is if possible and if anything else should be known about the club!


12/23: HALF DAY


1/16 - No school/No MAP

1/24: HALF DAY

MONDAY - Hockey Club with Alex

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky

You also miss 100% of the shots if you don't join Hockey Club with Alex on Mondays!

Street hockey, floor hockey, field hockey, fantasy hockey, and maybe even some CHEL!

Dekes and Dangles and find the twine!

TUESDAY - Harry Potter Club with Kelly and Amy

I solemnly swear I am up to no good….

Are you brave like a Gryfindor, loyal like a Hufflepuff, clever like a Ravenclaw, or cunning like a Slytherine? Join us as we dive into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Every Tuesday we will be reading from the 1st book in the Harry Potter series, and compare it to their scenes in the movie. We will also use this time for some magical crafts, and maybe even try some snacks from Honeydukes. Please be aware that the Hogwarts Express departs from platform 9 ¾ at school dismissal and will return back to MAP by 5:30pm…. Mischief managed ✨

WEDNESDAY - 2000s Cartoon Club with Kim

Are you interested in Drawing, Art, Storytelling, Action, Adventure, Mysteries, Saving the World, Aliens, Ghosts...and a host of other things?

Maybe 2000s Cartoon Club is for you! We will be looking at old cartoons, and honing our animation, cartooning, voice acting, and imagination skills!

THURSDAY - Superhero Club with Bodo and Brian

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no wait, it’s Brian and Bodo the superhero club teachers! Superhero Club will be held on Thursdays during this session of clubs until 5:30 each Thursday If you have any superheroes you love or want to learn about any new ones then we would love to have you sign up. We’ll be covering everything from the original comics to the newest movies coming out and everything in between!

Holiday Stroll!

Please come visit us this Friday at the MAP table in the back room of the Medfield Public Library! We will be selling small crafts that you can make with us or take home to put together. Kids and teachers from MAP @ The Pfaff will also be there selling handmade crafts that will make perfect gifts this season!

Charitable Gift Matching

Does your employer offer a program that matches charitable contributions? If so, consider MAP for your next donation! MAP is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization and may be eligible for a match under employer charitable giving programs.

Jump Start - k Registration and Reregistration

Happy December! While it seems like the next school year is very far away, we’ve begun planning & preparing for 2023-2024! 


For families with an incoming Jump Starter or Kindergartner, please email Annette, annette.map@comcast.net to be placed on the list to receive our registration materials. In the email, please include your name, your child’s name, and if you are interested in Jump Start or Kindergarten. MAP registration materials will be available online after Memorial School finalizes Kindergarten placements.


MAP families have often shared with us how much their children have enjoyed and learned during their time at MAP. We hope that if you have the opportunity to share your child’s MAP experience with future Jump Start or Kindergarten families, you’ll let them know that MAP is a great place to be!


For our current families, MAP will be conducting re-enrollment for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year during that same time, and current families will receive an email with more info and links to re-enroll. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and to pass along my contact information to anyone interested in MAP.

Is this yours?

We have 2 fitbits that showed up in our lost and found this week! I have them in the office if they are your childs! Please let me know!

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