December 2018
2nd-3rd Grade MAP News
Dates To Note:

Wednesday December 5th: HALF DAY.
Theme is: Comedy Club

Thursday December 6th: HALF DAY
Theme is: Drive In Movie

Tuesday December 11th: HALF DAY
Theme is: TBD

Friday, December 21st: HALF DAY
Theme is: TBD

December 24th-Jan 1: MAP CLOSED

Wednesday, Jan 2nd: MAP REOPENS

If your child regularly attends on a day a half day falls on, we will be expecting them in the MAP line at dismissal. If your child will be out please let us by 1030!

Learn what your MAPster learned!

The Armenian Doduk is an almost 3,000 year old instrument!

"If you need to guess the number rolled on a 6 sided die, the 6 is statistically your best bet"

"We gave the kids a chance to share their own personal holiday traditions, it was interesting to learn all the different ways we celebrate similar holidays!"

"Although there were lots of terrible things in Pandora's box, at the bottom of it was hope"

"The tallest guy in the world is 8'3 and is from Mongolia"

"While it is rude to slurp your food in America, it is common in China. And while it is polite to tip in America, it is rude in China!"

Do you know our snow day policy?

You can find that information in the Family Handbook on page 18!
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November in Review:

Another month down, and boy was it a wet one! November brought some cold, raw, rainy weather and saw us spending lots of time in the gym. Well, D is for "dry" and "December", so we can hope!

In November we started by ending the 200s section with Mythology and Myths, where Maureen told us the story of Pandora's box and had the kids act out the story!
So many different emotions and things in Pandora's box!

have moved on into the 300 section of the library. We focused our first few weeks on Culture and Folklore. Alex taught about different cultural instruments from around the world
                 Learning about customs and geography!

We closed out the month with a week on Statistics, where Charlotte brought the statistical "bell curves" to life with a variety of different tests for the kids! We saw the bell in height, shoe size and hand length! We saw a few kids at the extremes of the scale, and the majority somewhere in the middle. 

Last month I hid something in the newsletter for parents to find for a reward and no one found it. It's a little more in the open this month. Come tell me you read it and you'll get a dum dum lollipop :). It'll be harder in the coming months!


There is a new round of clubs beginning next week! Teachers will be putting a quick letter in your child's mailbox outlining the club and when you should pick up your child. So check those out! A sneak peek of what we are offering this quarter!

MONDAY: Holiday Prep Club with Nescarly!

TUESDAY: Science club with Maureen and Bridget!

WEDNESDAY: Magic club with Chris and Charlotte!

THURSDAY: Mystery Club with Joe and Zack!

FRIDAY: Surprise Club with a different theme and teacher each week!

We have a lot of half days and fun things planned for this coming month- so expect a rather lengthy newsletter next time!


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