December 2019
2nd-3rd Grade MAP News
Dates To Note:

Wednesday December 5th: HALF DAY.
Theme is: Dream Day

Thursday December 10th: HALF DAY
Theme is: Snow Day (Fingers Crossed for Snow!)

Tuesday December 18th: HALF DAY
Theme is: Rock n' Roll

Friday, December 20th: HALF DAY
Theme is: Holidays

December 23th-Jan 1: MAP CLOSED

Thursday, Jan 2nd: MAP REOPENS

If your child regularly attends on a day a half day falls on, we will be expecting them in the MAP line at dismissal. If your child will be out please let us by 1030!

Do you know our snow day policy?

You can find that information in the Family Handbook on page 18!

Do keep in mind that if we are able to go outside- we will be going outside. Please send your children with appropriate outside clothing!

November in Review:

Deep breaths! The holiday crunch is here! Everyone is soon to be running around checking their lists, checking it twice and finding out who has been naughty or nice. As things pick up this holiday season, so do things here at MAP. Please take a look to the left at the upcoming dates of note because things are going to get hectic with all these half days! Remember to pack lunches!

But rather than looking into what is soon to be, let's take a look at what has been! November started with Medieval week for our past theme! Charlotte taught about Illuminated text, Matthew introduced medieval armor like chain and plate mail while Zack did a tower siege in the gym with the kids pretending to be Trebuchets! 

During our half day on the 8th, we arranged the cafeteria tables into one long table to eat while our "Jesters" provide entertainment! As an activity, Matthew set up a jousting competition in the gym with pool noodles and scooters! Check out this sweet slow motion clip HERE - the password is MAPjoust!

The second week of November we went up to space again! Ariana taught about constellations and zodiac signs. Joe taught his famous group on the phases of the moon - using Oreos! He teaches all of the phases and lets the kids scrape that delicious creme filling off the cookie to make the phases in their cookies! Yum! Nate taught his first group and taught about a variety of different moons - including how a moon of Saturn compresses and expands the closer it is to it's planetary body! It gets a lemon shape! To see if you are paying attention - if you send me a picture of a lemon in your kitchen, I might have a candy for you and your child at pick up!

The final week of November we spent some time being Thankful! Charlotte taught a group on how to write a thank you note to someone - and the kids drafted their own notes. They chose to thank the MAP teachers - it made our collective day! Maureen played her gratitude Skittle game where the kids needed to think of something they are grateful for based upon the color Skittle they draw. 

The final day before Thanksgiving we traditionally have done MAPsgiving - a day were the kids spend the morning making a dish with a teacher for us all to share for lunch. But with it no longer being a full day, we've had to settle for just making our traditional fruit turkey for snack! The kids made a delicious "turkey" this year! 


Our first round of clubs has concluded! We are excited to begin the next round of clubs in full after Thanksgiving! Ask your child what club/s they are in!

Monday: Installation Club with Zack - In this club, the MAPsters will be given a variety of materials, it is entirely up to them how they use them to create whatever they can imagine. This is an open ended club that allows kids to explore, experiment and create!

Tuesday: Gym Game Club with Joe - We may be losing daylight and the temperature may be dropping- but that does not mean we should stop being active! In this club Joe will be offering some familiar MAP games as well as some new ones! 

Wednesday: Dungeons and Dragons Club with Matthew - In this club our MAPsters will take part in an epic adventure rife with intrigue, suspense and a bit of danger on their way to loot and glory! Guided my Matthew, the players will try to navigate the challenges of his setting by working together! 

Thursday: French Club with Charlotte and Nate: Bonjour! In this club the MAPsters will learn about all things France! Language, culture, cuisine and more! C'est magnifique!

Friday: Adventure Club with ALL OF US: Adventure! Adventure of all kinds! Snow shoeing, scavenger hunts, mat mazes, and more! Each week you will have a different teacher AND a different adventure!

The month of December is going to fly with the vacation and all of these half days! Take a second look over at the top of the newsletter and double check those dates! Before you know will be 2020!

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