As you can see from some of the pictures above - we had a spooktacular Halloween! Even though we couldn't do some of our traditional activities like our haunted forest, giving out candy, etc...we found ways to stay festive! We encouraged the kids to get dressed up all day, and had a post-lunch parade where the kids could strut their stuff! We also offered some spooky projects and activities outside!

As we move forward, we will be continuing to find ways to use the space and time we have to do as much fun things as we can do! We will be deviating from the normally scheduled year long theme in favor of a more relaxed project and activity model. Remote learning has definitely shown to be pretty robust and it seems like the kids really prefer to do more creative things like projects or activities afterwards - so those will be what we will provide!
It might be a bit early for snow, but we already got some! That means snow gear time! Please make sure when you are sending in snow bags that everything has a name on it! I want to be sure we can get things back to their respective owners if they are left behind!

Snow or not, we will be going outside as long as it is not raining - please plan accordingly when you dress your child! Further, fresh air is best practice for health and safety, so we will be trying to keep the windows open as much as we can!
Day in and day out, we are impressed by the adaptability, resilience, creativity and attitudes of our kiddos here! The kids have made the most of all of everything here at MAP. Be that working hard on their school work, to building sprawling cities for Lego people with deep backstories, the kids are really doing an excellent job!

This goes for the parents as well! Thank you all for sharing your children with us, filling out health attestations each day, donating new toys from wishlists, and forwarding assignment plans with us. None of this works unless we are all pulling in the same direction - and I have greatly appreciated the partnerships we have formed thus far!
Reminders for November
  • Cohort A attends on the Wednesdays of... 11/4 and 11/18

  • Cohort B attends on the Wednesday of...11/25

  • MAP is CLOSED Wednesday 11/11

  • MAP is CLOSED Thursday and Friday 11/26-27

*If you have a tuition check, please mail it rather than hand it to a teacher! Thanks!
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