October 3| 2022



Looking back at September...

Just like that, the first month of school is just...gone. And it seems as though right on cue with the seasons changing on paper, the weather changed with it. As I sit writing this I can see the grey skies and hear the gusting wind shaking the changing leaves. It's hoodie season, folks! 

We have really enjoyed getting to know our new second grade friends, and seeing how much our third grade friends have grown over the summer! Our days have been super busy! These kiddos have tons of positive energy and it has not been hard to get them engaged in things! We have had huge kick ball games outside during free play, our structured gym games always have eager participants, and the project tables have been packed day in and day out. We created countless fuse bead creations, made clay necklaces, and art pieces are beginning to adorn the room. The walls tend to look blank at the beginning of the year intentionally - and watching them fill with MAPster art is one of things we so enjoy seeing!

We are excited for October! The weather is already peak New England Fall and as the leaves fully change, Wheelock is a truly magically place to be outside at! We will be continuing to spend lots of time outside, so be sure that your children are dressed appropriately so they can enjoy the best the season has to offer! We have a full day coming up Wednesday, and a half-day for Halloween ahead of us. Spooky Season is always fun! We're looking forward to some spooooooooky shenanigans as we get closer to Halloween!

Dates to Know for October

Wednesday 10/5: No School, MAP OPEN.

  • Pajama Day! If you are signed up wear your comfyiest PJS!
  • Sign up was required!

Monday 10/10: No School, No MAP

Monday 10/31: HALF DAY 

  • Halloween Fun!

Clubs are Beginning this week!

Club is finally upon us! At pick up this week, your childs club teacher will have a small handout for you outlining anything they might need, and when a good pick up time will be! 

Monday: Jack's Adventure Club

Tuesday: Maggie and Amy's Fashion Club

Wednesday: Alex's Dinosaur Club

Thursday: Kelly and Brian's Sports Club

Friday: ????'s Surprise Club

Snack Note

We have gotten a few questions regarding Snack at MAP...

YES, we are offering snack! We offer a bagged snack or a fruit/veggie option for firsts, then fruit/veggies or crackers for seconds each day. Even if you have packed a snack for your child, they are still able to get snack from us. We do encourage you to send snack still - these kiddos work up quite the appetite! 

Welcome Back, Rocco!

Our 3rd grade friends remember Rocco from last year! Rocco began his teaching career with us last January, and is now back on Mondays! He currently plays football for Dean College, and is hoping to be back with MAP 5 days a week come the end of the season. But for now, we are thrilled for him to be back once a week!

We're Hiring!

Do you know someone who would be a stellar addition to the MAP Team? Maybe a trusted babysitter? Let us know! All 3 programs are looking to add to our teams!

Totally serious business at MAP

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