Nov. 2018
2nd-3rd Grade MAP News
Dates To Note:
Sun. Nov 4-
Remember to change your clocks!

Fri. Nov 9-
Half Day!
(No need to sign up if your child normally attends MAP)
Mon. Nov 12-
No School and No MAP
Veterans Day

Wed. Nov 21-
Early Release Day
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Thurs. Nov 22- Fri. Nov 23-
Thanksgiving Vacation- MAP Closed.
 We had a spooky Halloween!

Learn what your MAPster learned!

Time is relative to speed- theoretically we will eventually be able to travel forward in time. 

We learned one way to change the world is to recycle more- we've decided to adopt a compost pile at MAP for uneaten snack items!

All the teachers were shocked at how much "older" music the kids recognized! 

The kids all learned their Zodiac signs! 
(Come tell Alex your sign for a candy prize for reading the newsletter!)

There are 13 Star Trek movies, and 5 TV series!

Putting a different scent in your nose while eating a different food will trick your taste buds into different flavors!

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Homework Contracts

Homework is an option for children to do during Choice Time. Children will have the option to work on their homework during group time with a homework contract. This is also a great tool for children who have afternoon activities!

You can find this document on the MAP website under Forms.
 October in Review:
October seemed to roll by so quickly! Let's take a look at the fun stuff that we have done this month!

We started off October in the 100s of the Dewey Decimal System and selected section 114: Space to be our first weekly theme. Joe taught the children about the different moon phases by letting them chisel out shapes in split apart Oreo cookies! Ruth taught them about their zodiac signs, while Zack and Charlotte talked about Star Wars and Star Trek respectively. On Friday the 5th we had our OUT OF THIS WORLD half day- where the kids made marbled planets with paint, and Alex brought in his Xwing drone and buzzed around in the field!

We then transitioned to section 135: Dreams/Mysteries, where Maureen and Nescarly had the kids solve some mysteries!

The third week of October we spent some time in section 115 which is, you guessed it- TIME (pardon my pun)! Chris talked about time in many ways- and showed the kids just how rapidly we have advanced as a society in suc h a short amount of time in relation to our planet and touched on the concepts of time travel. Bridget took the kids on a short journey through history and showed the kids some of the history of music, playing samples of popular music from different eras.

Our fourth week we changed to section 116, which is of course CHANGE (I did it again)! Maureen gave the kids different types of foods to taste to see if their taste buds have changed over time, and  Zack tried to test the children's short term memory by showing them a structure made of blocks for a minute, then sending children in the other room while another student changed something, then the other student needed to guess what was different. 
We are closing out October with section 130: The Paranormal- we felt with Halloween this week it would be the perfect time to get a little spooky. Bridget opened the week with teaching about Jamies Randi who ran the 1 million dollar paranormal challenge. Charlotte took the kids ghost hunting with a special ghost detector from the library, and Chris ran a magic show on Halloween, where he LEVITATED ONE OF OUR MAPSTERS!

Clubs in full swing!
The kids are having a blast in their chosen clubs!

On Mondays in Alex's Sportsmanship club the kids have played Scurry Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, and Kickball. The kids also got to sign their first official "contracts" at the beginning of club- where they were promised fun games, fair teams and competitive situations while promising to display good sportsmanship throughout!

On Tuesdays Bridget and Zack have bee doing a variety of cool art projects- including this awesome splatter painting they made by throwing plastic easter eggs full of paint!

On Wednesday's the kids in Maureen and Joe's Around the World club have traveled to Hawaii, Italy, and Transylvania. The Around the World club generously made some "Vampire Blood" for everyone to drink for a special snack on Halloween!

On Thursday Nescarly and Ruth have been doing their DIY club, and have offered some awesome projects such as Tie-Dyed shirts, and magnetic slime!

On Fridays  Charlotte runs a games club, which allowed the kids to make their own board games, and also utilized the life size chess board in the school courtyard where the kids stood in as pieces!

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