25 Years of "crazy ideas" that turn into tomorrow's standards
We define "Flexible".
5 years ago , we introduced our revolutionary Smart Indexing technology.
Since then, it has become such a household item that even competitors' experiments thought it would be "Smart" to attempt to mimic both the technology and terminology.

Beginning in the first quarter of 2020, Smart Indexing 2.5 will allow you to be more flexible than ever! One Smart Indexing Retro-Fit Kit will be adaptable to the following Peinemann products:
What changes?

Other than the tube bundle cleaning device of your choice? NOTHING. At the end of the day, you will still have the likes of:

Wireless Control
Removing the end-user from the blast zone has always been the #1 priority. Wireless control makes the operator mobile and eliminates STF risks. Can the same be said about competitive models?
Smart Indexing
The automation advancement that took the market by storm, automatically navigate to the next tube(s) to be cleaned with
a single click of a button.
5 years and running;
the things that tablets can do....
Smart Clean
Because this is what computers are capable of. Load your bundle from the library, press "PLAY" --
just like grandma's VCR -- then watch your Peinemann system perform 100% Fully Automated Tube Bundle Clean.

Think this is cool? Now you can "mix & match" to create your control platform of choice with the following options: