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Yes, 2.5 BILLION -- approximately how many devices worldwide that have the Android operating system installed in them. To put in perspective, that would be the equivalent of gifting every inhabitant of Brazil TEN cell phones. But it also makes sense why we chose Android as a platform for our Lunch Box Wireless Control.
Choosing the global leader means a few things:
1. Accessibility
As of 2015, over 24,000 unique devices support Android OS. Long story short, Lunch Box compatible Android devices are available literally EVERYWHERE! No need to be limited to an in-house customized controller that is costly and hard to acquire; grab your tablet of choice, download our Lunch Box App, and off you go!
2. Industry-Ready
The fear of fragile computerized devices in the industrial cleaning world has long passed. If you don't believe us, check out this list of rugged tablets here . Note the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 making the list...
*** Hint : 2 of these come with each Lunch Box as the Terydon-endorsed tablet of choice!