Two Big Events in Two Weeks!!
Matthew Ward & Band at the Music Factory - August 2nd and 3rd!!!
The Matthew Ward Band concerts are just a week and a half away and you really don't want to miss one of them!

If you were a Christian in the 70's and 80's, then you were likely exposed to the "Jesus Music" of the time. For so many of us, it was a new sound of the Christian message being expressed through modern music and we drank it up! The group "The 2nd Chapter of Acts" were pioneers in making beautiful harmonies with very unique musical and lyrical ideas. They were two sisters and a brother. Matthew Ward was the little brother. He and his sister Nellie, were adopted by their older sister Annie and her husband Buck Herring after their parents died when Matthew was 12 and Nellie was 14. They began to sing around the piano together songs that Annie was writing about her new found faith in Jesus and out of that "The 2nd Chapter of Acts" was formed! Matthew was just 13 when they began performing and recording! And then he recorded his first solo album by the age of 18!

The harmonies of the 2nd Chapter of Acts were always amazing, but what really made them, was Matthew's amazing, acrobatic, sort of "Stevie Wonder" vocal style! It's amazing to think how young he began sounding like that and that now, almost 50 years later, he still sounds amazing!

DID YOU KNOW that Matthew sang backup vocals on Donna Summer's huge hit "She Works Hard for the Money"?! He has toured every state in the US as well as 30 countries! He's released 9 solo albums and 15 albums with the 2nd Chapter of Acts! AND NOW, AMAZINGLY, HE'S COMING TO THE MUSIC FACTORY FOR TWO NIGHTS!!! And here's another amazing thing, he and his band are coming with no financial guarantee! They are paying their own expenses and will just be receiving 80% of the ticket sale income!! WOW!

Now here's the not so good part, I'm not sure why, but we still have quite a few tickets left for these concerts. I would really hate to see this amazing artist have a small audience and take a financial hit for coming all the way here! So I really want to encourage you to come out to one of these concerts and invite some friends! You will be hugely blessed! But your ticket purchase will also be a contribution Matthew Ward's great, Kingdom-minded ministry!

Again, the dates are Friday and Saturday, August 2nd and 3rd at 8 PM. Tickets are $40.00 in advance and $45.00 at the door. Seating is general admission and doors open at 7:30 PM. CLICK BELOW TO ORDER TICKETS!
Heart of the City will be performing at a Wisconsin Casino outdoor amphitheatre this Saturday night!!!
We are excited to have been invited back for the second year to do an outreach concert at the St. Croix Reservation Hertel Express Casino outdoor amphitheatre in Webster, Wisconsin this Saturday evening, July 27th at 6:30 PM! We had a great concert there last Summer as the storms literally parted just in time for us to perform. We found out from one of the tribal leaders that our concert last year was their best attended concert so far - and we were the first Christian band to play there!

So we head back this Saturday with prayers for good weather and for a good attendance from both the Ojibway people who live there as well as the many others who live in the area! For me, this is extra special because this is just about 3 miles down the road from where I grew up and my little tiny Alliance Church where I learned to play guitar and perform my first songs!

Pray with us for this weekend and if you are from the area or if you have a cabin up there or are vacationing, please come join us! It's a free concert!
FOR MAY 9TH, 2020!!

YES!! Just this afternoon, I was able to lock in with Michael Card's agency to book him for two back to back concerts on Saturday, May 9th at the Music Factory!! Wow! It's a long way off, but this is another concert that is likely to sell out quickly. Here's a link to getting tickets below.
August 23rd - Ebony, Ivory & Spruce - THE JAZZ EFFECT
This amazing trio of instrumental prodigy's on keyboard, clarinet and violin is back for the first of two shows in 2019 after last year's amazing, sold-out Christmas show! This first concert of the year at the Factory will be an evening of amazing jazz - along with their unique method of storytelling narrative that entertains and educates. It will be a hot August night with some hot jazz! Don't miss this one! Tickets just $20.00 in advance and $25.00 at the door!
Phil Keaggy's Two Shows SOLD OUT and now ANOTHER SHOW HAS BEEN ADDED !
Known as one of the best guitarists in America, Phil Keaggy puts on an amazing concert! And now the Music Factory is thrilled to add a third concert on Friday, September 13th after the two shows on September 14th sold out by June! So we are really excited to let those of you know that if you didn't order a ticket in time for his other two shows, you've got a chance to order your tickets now for this extra show before they sell out again!! Tickets are $40.00 in advance and $45.00 at the door!
Here are the other great concerts we have lined up at the Music Factory for the rest of the year and into 2020! All 2019 tickets can be ordered now from

  • Sept. 27th - Kofi & the FireKeepers - African Reggae - Back for the 2nd Year!!
  • Oct. 4thThe Snowman Band - Sax led jazz and funk
  • Oct. 25th - Hornucopia - Tribute to Horns in the Rock Era - Back for the 2nd year!!
  • Nov. 22ndMary Beth Carlson - Exceptional solo piano - a Twin Cities Favorite!!
  • Dec. 6thKimberly Brown – Home for the Holidays - Gospel Christmas Show - Back for the 2nd year!!
  • Dec. 13thEbony, Ivory & Spruce – Beethoven’s Christmas Carol - Back for the 2nd Year!!
  • Dec 31st - 2nd Annual New Year's Eve at the Factory WITH BOB STROMBERG FROM TRIPLE ESPRESSO!!
  • Jan. 31st - Nate Sabin - Exceptional local singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer!
  • Feb. 14th - "Some Romantic Evening" Valentine's Banquet and Concert with Dan & Sandy Adler
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