To maximize your time at our 2022 Landscaping Equipment Showcase and Demo Day, 2 CEU talks have been added to our program! These talks are credit bearing for 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, and 7F licenses!
Louis Bettencourt, Product Manager, Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC 

Title of Talk: "How does poor water quality affect pesticide applications" 

Description of Talk: In this talk, we will cover the largest issue that can negatively affect pesticide applications, water. We will cover some of the issues spray water can have such as pH, TDS, turbidity, and hardness. We will discuss some ways to overcome these issues and how to do a water test. Also, we will do a demonstration to show how certain water issues can affect the pesticides.
Bob Mann, Director of State and Local Government Relations, National Association of Landscape Professionals

Title of Talk: "Pesticides: Effective Engagement and Communication with the Public and the Press"

Description of Talk: The laws and regulations surrounding the use of pesticides are intricate and demanding of the applicator. Knowing when to use, and when not to use, a pesticide are core competencies for green industry professionals. Part of our responsibility includes communicating with customers specific instruction contained within label directions - stay off until dry, or irrigate this product with ½" of water, for instance. What is not adequately taught but is also vital to the proper use of pesticides is communicating with the general public and the press as to the risks and benefits of pesticides to society. NALP's Bob Mann will do a deep dive on how to approach situations to provide accurate information that helps the public understand how to properly address important pest issues in lawns and landscapes.

Vendor Commitments Include:
F&W Equipment
Alta Equipment Company
A&D Equipment
Ahlgren Equipment Rental
Atlantic Golf and Turf
Barry Equipment
Butler Equipment
CT DMV Commercial Vehicle Safety Division
DLTC Equipment
Elm City Trailer
Hart's Seed Company
H.O. Penn Caterpillar
Ideal Concrete Block
LoRusso Heavy Equipment
M&H Equipment
Middlesex Ice Control
Monroe Tractor
MTE Equipment
Sno-White Power Equipment
Steel Green
Steven Willand
The W.I. Clark Company
Turf Products Company (TPC)
Universal Body and Equipment
Valley Green

If you are interested in participating as a vendor, please email