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coffee enema kits
Coffee Enemas Saved My Life!
(Client Testimonial)

"I have been taking coffee enemas at least once a day since I was 27 years old. I am 59 now. I had struggled with horrible migraines; hurting myself emotionally; environmental illness including chemical sensitivities and neurological issues. I was depressed, overweight, and absolutely broke. Imagine trying to put your life together when you have no money and your brain won't work. For two years, I had a mask on my face because I was so sensitive to everything around me.

It was a tremendous blessing when I learned about coffee enemas..."
coffee enema kits
Which enema nozzle is right for you_
Kristina Amelong educates you on Optimal Health Network's nozzle product lines to help make your nozzle decision a healing process rather than a stressful one.

natural insect repellent

LüSa Organics
Natural Insect Repellent
LüSa Organics Shoo is a safe, natural, and effective bug spray for the whole family! The secret ingredient for mosquitoes is lemon eucalyptus essential oil -- a natural oil that is as effective as DEET for discouraging insect bites. Rose geranium essential oil is an effective tick repellent, and cedarwood works wonders at keeping black flies at bay. With a simple, safe ingredients list, you can be confident using this blend on the whole family.
cleaning your enema equipment

OHN Enema Equipment Cleaning Kit
This cleaning kit includes one 4-ounce bottle of grapefruit seed extract and one 8-ounce bottle of unscented coconut oil soap. Both of these quality products can be used to clean and sterilize your enema equipment after each use.
how to clean your enema equipment

What's The Best Way To Clean My Enema Equipment?
The best and simplest way to clean your enema equipment is to run hot, soapy water through both the bag or bucket and tubing. Also with hot, soapy water, use a small brush to thoroughly clean your nozzle. Add a few drops of our Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) to the soapy water, which acts as a non-toxic sterilizing agent. Our Enema Equipment Cleaning Kit includes both soap and GSE. If you wish to sterilize your equipment more thoroughly, soak your bag and nozzle in 6-10 drops of GSE and enough water to fully submerge both. Leave the equipment in this sterilizing solution for 30-60 minutes.

Drying the equipment is one of the most important parts of the cleaning process. Dry the inside of the bag with a paper towel to absorb any and all moisture. Then hang-dry both the bag and tubing. (The tubing and bag can be either disconnected or kept together, depending on your preference.)

Store your equipment with a crumpled paper towel inside the enema bag to continually absorb humidity. This step is crucial in preventing mold from forming in the tubing or bag.
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May 16 & 17 Only

* Does not include Standard Process & MediHerb products
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