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goat milk enema soap
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Goat Milk Enema Soap!
This is a highly therapeutic soap to use during your enema series or in your bath or shower.

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anal fissures
Given that we know just how painful anal fissures can be, we want you to begin healing as quickly as possible. Our protocol will help you to overcome anal fissures. We also know that every individual has unique physical needs and economic resources. Therefore, we have a variety of options to suit most situations.
anal fissure products
coffee enema research
Do coffee enemas really make a difference to one's long-term health, especially when it comes to healing from cancer (or better yet, avoiding cancer)? And, if so, how?

Many people use coffee enemas and report that they feel great because of taking coffee enemas. The Optimal Health Network get calls daily from people who swear by taking regular coffee enemas in order to optimize their health.

Let's explore some scientific articles, with comments from Kristina Amelong, in order to speak to the question of the benefits of coffee enemas...

how to clean your enema equipment

What's The Best Way To Clean My Enema Equipment?
The best and simplest way to clean your enema equipment is to run hot, soapy water through both the bag or bucket and tubing. Also with hot, soapy water, use a small brush to thoroughly clean your nozzle. Add a few drops of our Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) to the soapy water, which acts as a non-toxic sterilizing agent. Our Enema Equipment Cleaning Kit includes both soap and GSE. If you wish to sterilize your equipment more thoroughly, soak your bag and nozzle in 6-10 drops of GSE and enough water to fully submerge both. Leave the equipment in this sterilizing solution for 30-60 minutes.

Drying the equipment is one of the most important parts of the cleaning process. Dry the inside of the bag with a paper towel to absorb any and all moisture. Then hang-dry both the bag and tubing. (The tubing and bag can be either disconnected or kept together, depending on your preference.)

Store your equipment with a crumpled paper towel inside the enema bag to continually absorb humidity. This step is crucial in preventing mold from forming in the tubing or bag.
how to clean your enema equipment
personal health consultations with Kristina Amelong
I would be happy to help you with any part of your healing program. I charge $1.80 per minute to assist you via phone.

In order to get started, please fill out my
Secure Online Intake Form.


"You have imparted more confidence in me. I will continue using the enema series. I do notice an improvement with the enema series, not a decline. I am hoping the enemas help the tone and health of my colon. I am taking the supplements. I don't have much gas. Thank you for your kindness and support. Many are worse off than me and we don't realize how much overall discomfort we feel when our bowels are not behaving properly. God bless you and your family."
~ Joseph N.
ATP Fuel
ATP Fuel® is designed to support the Krebs Cycle of cellular energy production. The Krebs Cycle takes place inside the mitochondria or "power plant" of the cell and it is the body's primary energy producer. ATP Fuel is formulated for athletes and patients seeking optimized energy.
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June 15 & 16 Only

* Does not include Standard Process & MediHerb products
or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Testing

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