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at-home enema kit

What's the best way to work with Kristina? Want to begin exploring the healing resources of Optimal Health Network, but don't know where to start?
If you need enema equipment, begin with our 3-Quart Silicone Coffee Enema Kit with Flex Tip Nozzle.

Another good option if you need enema equipment is our larger capacity 5-Quart Silicone Flowmaster Coffee Enema Kit with Flex Tip Nozzle.

home colon cleanse kit home colon cleanse kit

If you already own enema equipment, start with our clinically tested and internationally renowned Enema Series Kit.

home enema series kit

Take the enema series three to seven times per week for two to four weeks.

After two to four weeks, set up a phone consultation to craft your next steps on your tremendous healing journey.

Client Testimonial:

"Kristina provided exceptionally useful information. I always appreciate it when a person's knowledge is so vast on a subject that you instantly know you are asking the right person, and the information you are receiving is without a doubt the truth. Knowledge through experience is the key. I felt instantly at ease, knowing I had met the right person to ask! Feeling at ease is of the utmost importance in consciously performing cleansing experiences for the mind, body, and spirit. Thank you!"

7Billion Tribe Blog

We are at a place in our evolution where we as individuals, and societies, need to co-create a new story about who we are and what our place is in the universe. 7Billion wishes for you to dive deep into your own emotional and spiritual potential through reflection on the metaphors, the interactions, and the philosophies represented by the social artistry of Kristina Amelong.
natural insect repellent

LuSa Organics Natural Insect Repellent
LuSa Organics Shoo is a safe, natural, and effective bug spray for the whole family! The secret ingredient for mosquitoes is lemon eucalyptus essential oil -- a natural oil that is as effective as DEET for discouraging insect bites. Rose geranium essential oil is an effective tick repellent, and cedarwood works wonders at keeping black flies at bay. With a simple, safe ingredients list, you can be confident using this blend on the whole family.
enema equipment cleaning kit

OHN Enema Equipment Cleaning Kit
This cleaning kit includes one 4-ounce bottle of grapefruit seed extract and one 8-ounce bottle of unscented coconut oil soap. Both of these quality products can be used to clean and sterilize your enema equipment after each use. 
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July 12 & 13 Only

* Does not include Standard Process & MediHerb products
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