Event Announcement: October 27th Screening of The Toxic Avenger at The Frida Cinema
in Santa Ana, California

Wikileaks Reveals Toxie
and Lloyd Kaufman 
will Say Bad Words in California at
October 27th Santa Ana Screening of 
The Toxic Avenger
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The Troma Team West Coast LA Comic Con Kick-off!

Lloyd Kaufman will be Appearing in Person!
Director Q & A After the Movie!
Sneak Peak of New Release Comic Con EXCLUSIVE Merchandise!!


New York, New York. October 25, 2016. -

Greetings from Tromaville!

Troma Entertainment West Coast curators Megan Silver and Marcus Loesser have organized a Thursday, October, 27th pre-party Screening Bash featuring The Toxic Avenger California kick-off to the 4-Day celebration of their Toxerrrific Universe at this year's Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con 2016, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger
Toxie will take the silver screen yet again!
The Toxic Avenger was released in 1984 and considered the breakthrough film for Troma Entertainment and Yale alumni Director and Executive Producers Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz. Catapulting into stardom for its new genre ingenuity a raunchy Sci-Fi Comedy with a critical message on the fate of the planet versus the modern condition.

A Q & A with Lloyd Kaufman to follow the screening!

In just two days, The Frida Cinema's doors will open at 8 PM and a preliminary 80's bash will set the mood for movie-goers with aerobics, a costume contest, prizes and libations! The movie is set to start at 9:00 PM sharp, and following the picture Lloyd Kaufman will host a Director's Q & A and offer his legendary wisdom on movie making and independent art to California Tromaniacs.

A superhero with a Toxic Strength!

Audience members also have the added bonus of catching a sneak peak of convention exclusive merchandise from Troma Entertainmemt newly released including a collectors item skatedeck from Los Angeles punk rock label Riot Style featuring original poster art from The Toxic Avenger 2 and a fresh off the press rainbow pull Troma Universe logo-Tee that GLOWS IN THE DARK! TROMARRRRIFIC!

The Toxic Revolution will be Merchadised!

Tickets for the movie are almost sold out! Remaining tickets available for  

305 E. 4th Street

Santa Ana, CA 92701


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