Bringing it Together

Dear fans and friend of Ella Jenkins!

We're just 2 Days away from the end of the Indiegogo campaign for Ella Jenkins: We'll Sing a Song Together. At this writing we have $35,135 towards our goal. Help keep it going!

With grassroots campaigns like this one, it's all about word-of-mouth sharing from supporters, and quick action!

Your last minute connections are making it happen! For those of you who have just learned about or donated to the film and campaign, please spread the word now!

For our longtime posters, sharers and supporters, please keep it up for just a few more days! There's nothing like the loud tick of the clock to spur our friends into action.

In order to make it very easy for you to pass it along, below are links to much of the great press we've received for the film and campaign to date. And as with yesterday's update, here are an email script and a phone script to help you explain Ella Jenkins and the film to your friends, family and colleagues.

I want to encourage you all to keep spreading the word now, before time runs out on Tuesday.

Matching Gifts Sought

Want to be a hero for Ella's story? It's not too late!

Nominate yourself or your organization as a matching gift donor for this campaign. Don't delay! Contact Director Tim Ferrin now at to make the match.

Want to be an Executive Producer on the project, including early access to production process? Email to find out how you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the film. 

Great Press for Ella Jenkins Film

Jay Shefksy of Chicago Tonight crashed our set to visit with Ella.
His story airs tomorrow on WTTW11 in Chicago at 7 p.m.  

We've had great media attention for Ella Jenkins: We'll Sing a Song Together. Below is a collection of some of the excellent press we've received, suitable for sharing, posting and forwarding to friends, family and all current and potential supporters of this project.
We've also had the support of artists Dan Zanes, Cathy & Marcy & Ralph Covert,
as well as Wilco, Neko Case, They Might be Giants, and more!

Don't forget to check the Just Kidding section of the Chicago Tribune today for Judy Sutton Taylor's article, and tune in to Chicago Tonight tomorrow at 7 p.m. for Jay Shefsky's piece, pictured above.

Then and Now

 Renowned composer and conductor Alan Pierson is a lifelong fan and friend of Ella Jenkins. The innovative composer says of Ella, "[she is] ever an inspiration."
"I was one happy boy!"
Alan Pierson with Ella at Ravinia Festival in 1981.
Photo courtesy Alan Pierson.

And here's a photo of Ella and Alan on Ella's 90th birthday,
just a couple of months ago:

It's amazing to consider how Ella's life's work has had a tremendous impact, touching generations of music lovers and inspiring musicians. Help us share and preserve that legacy by donating to and sharing our campaign today!

Donation Perks


For a full list of perks, please visit the campaign page.



 Campaign Wrapup Contests

We're running some great contests between now and Sept. 30, as the Indiegogo campaign wraps up. For up-to-the minute updates on the contests, be sure to follow @ellajenkinsfilm on twitter!

Check our facebook page for regular updates as well!

Thank you again for keeping it going! You're truly making a difference in bringing Ella's story to the world.

Tim Ferrin
Producer/Director Ella Jenkins: We'll Sing a Song Together
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