Boulder Healing Touch Newsletter
Issue: #4April 2013
Cynthia Hutchison


Dear Community,




This time of year is one of hope, new growth and promise of the future. It is sooooooooooooo inspiring to check my garden each day and see new green shoots sprouting up. Each sprout is such a miracle of new life after a long, cold winter. Nature is such a profound and beautiful mystery! Mother Earth continues to gift us with such abundance and blessings....which gives us all hope. My daughters and I continue our annual ritual of climbing a local mountain to watch the Easter Sunrise.




I am DELIGHTED to gift you a FREE OFFERING of two new videos which you can link to see on my website! Last month, Katie Gerhard, HTCP and videographer, worked with me to create two YouTube videos of me teaching the basics of BODY PRAYER (Eurythmy) as a form of spiritual self care. This practice also has benefits for your etheric (life body) and emotional/mental life. Body prayer has been a part of my daily spiritual practice each morning. I have taught it to a few Healing Touch audiences with enthusiastic response. Prayer eurythmy is similar to Healing Touch in that we are aligning our soul abilities of thinking, feeling and willing (action) so that our hara is aligned with our birth intention of LOVE.


After having taught body prayer/eurythmy at the HT Shadowcliff Retreat last June 2012, I was asked to create a video. Now that it is complete, I chose to make this a free offering to you because I wanted as many interested people as possible to experience how they resonate with this form of prayer and self care. Another inspiration was creating this video to support the people attending the Healing Touch California Symposium (April 20-21, 2013) where I offer a keynote presentation on Body Prayer and the Hara Alignment. These videos serve to provide support for those interested in deepening their understanding and practice of body prayer.


If you choose to view these short films, I would love to hear some feedback from you. Would you please share a few minutes of your time to write to me with your responses? It would mean a lot to me since this is a fairly new endeavor on my part and your feedback will guide me as to how I continue to carry it forward. The Teaching video is a 25-minute presentation and demo; the practice video is ten minutes of just the prayers. The practice video can be muted for silent practice so you can use your own words; or, you can leave on the sound with my voice saying the prayers.


Click here to go to the page where the two videos can be viewed.




The rest of this newsletter highlights the 2013 Shadowcliff Healing Touch Retreat being held June 6-10th. This year's agenda continues with a spiritual and an HT practice theme plus the addition of learning a new skill set called "Collective Genius," co-taught by Rumi Hashimoto HTCP/I and Katrina Habata HTCP. The price is very affordable ($525 if you register by April 15th) and includes room for 4 nights and 5 days, 11 meals, tuition and tax.


I send you heartfelt blessings of hope and new life! 


Cynthia Hutchison




Upcoming Class - Healing Touch Level 3
April 13-14, 2013 - Boulder, Colorado

"... This class, from beginning to end, held the source energy that is Healing Touch. I felt blessed and empowered to do this work ... I felt very taken care of in every way."

 - HT L3 Student, CT


This class focuses on your development as a practitioner through a deepened understanding and experience of the various levels of our energy bodies. Utilizing the Hara Alignment Meditation you will be introduced to a new sequence that will continue to expand your understanding of the human energy field and how it manifests in the mind-body-spirit. You will learn additional dimensions of the human energy system and apply this knowledge to the Level 3 Healing Touch Sequence, which includes Chelation, Spinal Cleansing, and working specifically on the 1st-7th Levels of the energy field, and learning the Lymphatic Drain technique.

Now Online ~ The 2012 Shadowcliff Retreat Video!
This inspiring video features the 2012 Shadowcliff Healing Touch Retreat in Grand Lake, Colorado sponsored and facilitated by HT Program Director Cynthia Hutchison DNSc, RN, HTCP/I. Video by Katie Gerhard. 


Registration Now Open for
2013 Shadowcliff Retreat
 Tapping Into Our Collective Genius:

An Experience in Supporting My Spiritual Growth and
Healing Touch Practice

Forty-six Healing Touch instructors and practitioners joined me last summer at the Shadowcliff Retreat Center in Grand Lake, Colorado, to explore how Healing Touch
impacted our spiritual lives.

Shadowcliff Retreat, 2012

Back by popular demand, the
2013 retreat will be extended by an extra day for more play/down-time. The retreat will be co-facilitated by Rumi Hashimoto, RN, NP, HTCP/I; Katrina Shibata, MPH, CHES; and myself. 

As the Program Director for Healing Touch Program, I am aware of the multitude of issues and experiences of HT practitioners, instructors and students. Rumi and Katrina will teach us the "Collective Genius" process of learning how to tap into our inner resources to identify methods and sources that will support us in our HT practices and personal lives.

Learn more and to register for the 2013 Shadowcliff Retreat
All About Grand Lake, Colorado
 Highlights about the beautiful Grand Lake, location of the
2013 Shadowcliff Retreat



 Shadowcliff Lodge is the Sacred Place where Janet Mentgen was inspired to create Healing Touch back in the mid-1980s. In June of 2005, she held her last instructor gathering there, including a ceremony to welcome Cynthia as Healing Touch Program's new Program Director. Our classroom space will be the chapel, the same place where Janet held her gatherings. Its large windows provide a beautiful view of Grand Lake and the Rocky Mountains.


Shadowcliff is just outside the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, overlooks Grand Lake and is situated next to the source of the Colorado River. Grand Lake is a pristine (natural) mountain lake and a quaint town with fun shopping, food (try the Rapids Lodge, just below Shadowcliff) and things to do. 


Learn all about Grand Lake, Colorado

Cynthia's 2013 Class Schedule 
Bold face classes are in Boulder, Colorado.  
February 16-17, 2013 - Level 3, Albuquerque, NM                  
Barb Welcer - Coordinator

February 23-24, 2013 - Level 2, Boulder, CO               

Deborah O'Sheerin - Coordinator   


March 8, 9, 2013 - Advanced Practice 1 & 2, Boulder, CO              

HTP Coordinator/Deborah O'Sheerin - Field Coordinator 


March 25-28, 2013 - Level 6, Boulder, CO               

HTP Coordinator


April 5-6, 2013 - Advanced Practice 1 & 2, Wilmington, DE

HTP Coordinator/Walle Adams Gerdts, Field Coordinator


April 12, 2013 - Level 3 Instructor Training, Boulder, CO


April 13-14, 2013 - Level 3, Boulder, CO 

Deborah O'Sheerin - Coordinator 


April 20-21, 2013 - HT-Presentation
HT California Annual Conference, San Diego, CA
Keynote Presentation: Using Body Prayer as a form of HT Self Care

Carol Kinney - Coordinator


May 18-19, 2013 - Level 3, Seattle, WA 

Keela Marshall - Coordinator


May 24-27, 2013 - Level 4, Corona, CA          

HTP Coordinator/Rumi Hashimoto - Field Coordinator


 June 6-10, 2013 - Retreat , Grand Lake, CO            

"Tapping Into Our Collective Genius"

For L3 students and above
Deborah O'Sheerin - Coordinator 


Dates TBD  - Level 5, Chicago, IL                 

HTP Coordinator

Katie Oberlin - Field Coordinator


September 7-8, 2013 - Level 1, Boulder, CO               

Deborah O'Sheerin - Coordinator


September 21-22, 2013 - Advanced Practice 1 & 2,
Nanaimo, British Columbia
HTP Coordinator/Jeannette Nienaber - Field Coordinator 


October 3-6, 2013 - Level 5, Loveland, CO

HTP Coordinator 


October 18, 2013 - Level 2 Instructor Training , Boulder, CO

HTP Coordinator 


October 19-20, 2013 - Level 2, Boulder, CO                 

Deborah O'Sheerin - Coordinator          

ovember 4-7, 2013 - Level 6 (L1 Instructor Training), Boulder, CO

HTP Coordinator


November 15, 2013 - Level 3 Instructor Training, Boulder, CO

HTP Coordinator

November 16-17, 2013 - Level 3, Boulder, CO               

Deborah O'Sheerin - Coordinator 


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Upcoming Class - Level 3 - Boulder
Registration Now Open for the 2013 Shadowcliff Retreat
All About Grand Lake, Colorado
Cynthia's 2013 Class Schedule
New Body Prayer Videos for Self Care
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2 Free Body Prayer Videos by Cynthia




This set of videos was created to support the attendees at the Healing Touch California Annual Symposium (April of 2013) where Cynthia is giving the keynote presentation.


The set includes one 25-minute teaching video and one 10-minute practice video.


Click here to learn, practice and enjoy Cynthia's new videos!


Learn more about the Healing Touch California Symposium




Bundle your classes by signing up for Levels 1-3 together and save $100 over the regular price. This offer is only good for Boulder Healing Touch classes taught in Boulder and may not be combined with other offers. Price includes required Healing Touch Notebook and class materials.

Save $60 when you sign up for two classes!
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