May 15, 2020

When I learned that Nani (12 years) and Zuri (10 years) had been surrendered to GALT/NM in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew NCG had to help.
In our past greyhound life of 27 years, Jerry and I would have driven to NM to pick up these girls ourselves- our hearts always lay with the seniors. We never got to keep them long, but we loved each one a lifetime worth.
We been an admirer of David Umpleby's designs since 2009 and have only managed to secure half a dozen of his pieces!

The rustic appearance of oxidized sterling mixed with bronze is particularly appealing in this pendant featuring Betty. A 24" chain of this weight is a prize in itself!

AND Betty comes in her own fully lined and handcrafted walnut box to be guarded by our Large sized Dave.
We did it once-
and we WILL do it AGAIN!
We're still collecting!
In 2017, a 2Hounds Auction listing 94 recycled NCG Jewels earned $10,000 for OSU's Greyhound Program - all contributed by YOU, our customers!
Do you have any you're not wearing NOW? :)
AGAIN, the Program has depleted its funds and is in desperate need of money. So, we're asking again: If you have any Northcoast Greyhounds jewelry that you no longer wear, would you consider contributing it to the Facebook Auction for 4L4H in June?
Here's the deal: Mail your seldom worn pieces to ME by May 21st. I will polish, photograph, describe and submit to the auction, listing yourself as donor.
Northcoast Greyhounds' mailing and email addresses are shown at the bottom of this email. There is a little leeway on deadlines, so if you email me a phone photo of your jewel, I'll be able to get started before your package arrives- usually a padded envelope is fine.

if you have a Memorial Heart of your own, you will appreciate the rich artistic history which accompanies its loving sentiment.

We are saddened to report the closure of Fire and Light, makers of our Memorial Hearts and the pride of Arcata California.

We have managed to secure most of the hearts remaining: all Aqua and Pink- fitting colors. Other colors may be ordered as long as our stock remains available.

We're greytful to be able to continue our memorial Heart Program with these hand poured, hand signed, recycled glass keepsakes..

You'll want to watch this YouTube video of DR. NICOLA MASON discussing her canine cancer program!
It's personal, entertaining and educational!
We are especially impressed to learn that Dr. Mason's trials are now offered at more than TWENTY clinics, according to t his article in Veterinary Practice News! Open the link to find a location near where you live- I hope you don't need one but someone you know might..., The article is worth saving.