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2 October 2019
In this edition:
  • Board of Directors Nominations
  • 2019 Fall Event Schedule Update
  • Now Hear This: Scuttlebutt
  • Call for Membership: join and renewal, Membership Roster Update.
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Nomination for Directors for the 2020-2021 Term,
the Associations 30th Anniversary Year
Elections for Directors to serve for the 2020-2021 Term will take place on Saturday, 2 November 2019 as part of the Association's Annual Meeting. All fourteen director positions are up for election and eight of the twelve eligible incumbent Directors have expressed a willingness to run for re-election.
Pursuant to our By-laws, a Nomination Committee was formed to propose candidates for election as Director, and must be published to the membership not later than 30 days prior to the election, or 2 October 2019.

Regular paid members (Life, Life Installment, Multi-Year, and Annual) are eligible to serve as a Director.

The Nominations Committee proposes the following sixteen candidates as nominees for the ballot to fill the fourteen vacancies, listed alphabetically:

  • Terry C. Cline '70 (2nd term)
  • James C. Collins '03 (2nd term)
  • Patrick P. Connelly '85 (3rd term)
  • Donald Cuddington '86 (1st term)
  • Steven P. Fish '85 (3rd term)
  • Kenneth E. "Pink" Floyd '80 (1st term)
  • Robert J. Gionfriddo '86 (3rd term)
  • Janet Eberhard Keech '89 (1st term)
  • William H. Latham '85 (2nd term)
  • Steven Levesque '89 (3rd term)
  • Frank Linkous '87 (1st term)
  • Robert P. "Pat" Riordan '87 (3rd term)
  • Robert "Moon" Rivers '73 (1st term)
  • Brian T. Smith '84 (2nd term)
  • Marianne Waldrop '87 (1st term)
  • Daniel W. Wright, Jr. '86 (1st term)

"Regular Members in good standing" are permitted under the bylaws to nominate other eligible candidates. If you are a paid member and would like to nominate yourself or a fellow eligible member for service on the Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 term, please e-mail the Secretary at the following l ink not later than Wednesday, 15 October 2019 , to allow for ballot preparation and publication in the next News Bulletin. All qualified nominees submitted by that deadline who agree to be nominated, will be listed on the ballot. Ballots will be published on or about 21 October 2019 and may be submitted in advance of the annual meeting by mail or e-mail, or cast in person at the Annual Meeting on 2 November 2019. All ballots will be counted at the Annual Meeting and the elected Directors announced. In the event of a tie, those Directors involved in the tie will be subject to a run-off election conducted at the Annual Meeting (possible but not likely).
2019 Annual Meeting, Reunion and Elections
Set for 2 November 2019
UNC v. Virginia, UNC Military Appreciation Day
Pat Connelly '85, Events Chair
Important: please register for all events you will attend, yes - even the free ones!
The UNC NROTC Alumni Association has partnered with the UNC General Alumni Association (GAA) to conduct reunion event registration. With this partnership, GAA members are provided a discounted rate on the BBQ lunch.

The registration tab is to the left. A menu of events will appear for which you can individually register. As you close out your registration, the opportunity will be provided to pay via debit or credit card. 
The UNC NROTC Alumni Association 2019 Annual Meeting and Fall Reunion is scheduled for 31 October through 2 November

Events include:
  • Thursday, 31 October 2019, 1400-1630: Fall Alumni Panel with the Midshipman Battalion, at the Armory. There is no fee for this event but advanced registration required, please use links above..

  • Friday, 1 November 2019, 1830-2100, The President's Reception at the home of Eric and Kim Schneider '86 & '89, 144 Heartland Drive, Pittsboro, NC  There is no fee for this event but advanced registration is required, please use links above. The menu includes:
  • Beef tenderloin sandwiches
  • Charcuterie
  • Pimento cheese/vegetable platter
  • Carolina Caviar (vegetable based dip)
  • Macaroni & cheese fritters
  • Assorted desserts
  • Beer, wine and coaktails will be served.
  • Wine will be provided by Howard Petrea ‘72

  • Saturday, 2 November 2019,
  • The Annual Meeting of the Association, Naval Armory Drill Deck. Agenda includes:
  • NROTC Unit update from the Commanding Officer and Professor of Naval Science, CAPT Andy Hertel, USN
  • Presentation of the Koster, Ledford and Association Scholarships to Midshipmen.
  • Presentation of the Distinguished Alumnus Award to Lt. Col. James G. Zumwalt, II, USMC (Ret.) '70
  • Presentation of the Distinguished Service Award to Association Co-founder, Life Member, Past President and past NROTC Unit CO: CAPT Harold A. "Andy" Bunch, Jr., USN (Ret.).
  • Elections for all of the Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 term.
  • Reports from officers and committee chairs.
  • No fee is charged for this event, advanced registration required for logistics planning, please use link below. Paid membership required to vote for the candidates for election.
  • BBQ tailgate with the Midshipmen and Staff. Naval Armory Front Lawn. Fee applies, please use GAA registration link above to purchase tickets.
  • The football game: North Carolina Tar Heels hosts the Virginia Cavaliers at Kenan Stadium. This game is designated as Military Appreciation Day which will include a flyover of US Navy EA-18G Growlers from the Scorpions of VAQ-132. Participating Scorpion aircrew include two UNC NROTC Alumni: Squadron Executive Officer: CDR Kerry P. "Beagle" Hicks '02 (our 2002 Connor Award Recipient) and LT Esther "Zuul" Kangas '14. Game time will be announced 7-10 days prior to game day. The specific Saturday event schedule will pivot on the announced game time.
  • Early game time slots (noon-1pm kickoff) will likely result in a 9am or 10 am Annual Meeting and the BBQ will be held after the game,
  • Mid-afternoon game time slots (3-4pm kickoff) will likely result in a 10 or 11am Annual Meeting and the BBQ immediately following, before the game.
  • Evening game time slots will likely result in a Noon time Annual Meeting with BBQ following.
  • Please check our website www.uncnrotcaa.org for game and event time updates as we get closer to game day.

The UNC NROTC Alumni Association secured a block of tickets in Section 119, for $25 each.

Further information can be found on our website at: www.uncnrotcaa.org . Please visit often as details and updates will be shared periodically. If difficulties are encountered, please feel free to contact the Events Chair, Pat Connelly '85 at flierpat@yahoo.com.

See the UNC NROTC Alumni who have already registered for the weekend's events:
  • Karen Baetzel - Staff Alumna
  • James Bailey - Staff Alumnus
  • Parke Boneysteele - Staff Alumnus
  • Harold A. "Andy" Bunch, Jr. - Staff Alumnus, Past President
  • Terry C. Cline '71 - Treasurer
  • Patrick P. Connelly '85 - Director
  • Kenneth E."Pink" Floyd '80
  • Ed Henkler - Staff Alumnus
  • Kerry P. "Beagle" Hicks '02
  • David A. Jackson '87 - Director
  • Esther "Zuul" Kangas '14
  • David and Janet Keech '88 & '89
  • Jeff Kennedy '87
  • Steven Levesque '89 - Director
  • Frank Linkous '87
  • Cesar Lopez '11
  • Dan McCormick '91
  • Phil McGuinn '82
  • Mike Richardson '88
  • Bill Rysanek '89
  • Eric Schneider '85 - President
  • Brian T. Smith '84
  • Robert F. Smith '75 - Past President
  • Will Stubbs '85 - Secretary
  • Paul Voss '88
  • Marianne Waldrop '87

If you are planning to attend one of our events but do not appear on the above list; we don't know you're coming yet . We really need the head count!


On behalf of your association’s Officers and Board of Directors, I look forward to seeing you this fall for our Annual Meeting and Reunion weekend.

  • The hotel with our block of rooms is now full for that weekend. To check for last minute cancellations please contact the hotel directly: Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel (formerly the Hotel Europa), One Europa Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27517, Tel: 919-968-4900. .
Now Hear This: Scuttlebutt!

  • No new scuttlebutt for this edition. If you have items you wish to include in the next edition, please submit them via email to: secretary@uncnrotcaa.org by the deadline below.

The next News Bulletin expected to publish on Monday, 21 October 2019. Deadline for input is Sunday, 20 October 2019.
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As of 1 October 2019, the UNC NROTC Alumni Association has 264 paid regular members, which represents ~ 18% of the known living graduates and staff alumni. 197 of the 264 (~75%) are life members. Thanks to the following alumni (in addition to our 197 living Life Members) who have made the commitment of ongoing financial support to our Association.

Life members are listed in order of life membership here ;
Current paid members listed by both class year and alphabetically by last name here .

New Life members for 2019: 14
  • #210 Melanie Kaye Ahle '04
  • #211 Parke L. Boneysteele, Staff '85-87
  • #212 George C. Wright '92
  • #213 Andrew J. Hoffman '99
  • #214 Janice M. Hamby '80
  • #215 Caleb R. Gill '19
  • #216 Ryan P. Smith '19
  • #217 Antonio Howard '19
  • #218 Cody Lupo '19
  • #219 Parker Simpson '19
  • #220 George W. Smith, Jr. '85
  • #221 Don DeBragga '74
  • #222 Troy Jeff Kennedy '87
  • #223 Daniel J. McCormick '91

Life installment members : 3
  • Christopher J. Hinson '96
  • Mikal J. Phillips '97
  • David Pardue '09

Five Year Members for 2019: 46
  • Donald R. Ledford - Staff Alumnus
  • Kevin L. Martin - Staff Alumnus
  • Stephen Matts - Staff Alumnus
  • A. Earle Garrett, III '56
  • George Moseley '61
  • Chester H. Wilkinson '61
  • F. Norman Christopher '65
  • Alan V. Monette '65
  • Charles J. Wolfe '65
  • S. Harbaugh Moore, III '66
  • Thomas W. Wright '66
  • Robert Young '67
  • Ronald B. Bobo '68
  • Bryant Byrd '68
  • Irvin W Hankins, III '68
  • Ronald N. McManus '68
  • Robert J. Shade '68
  • Andrew J. Arnold '69
  • William O. Leonard, III '69
  • David A. Fish '70
  • James C. Hardee '70
  • James Zumwalt '70
  • Robert N. Swacker '71
  • James Day '73
  • Nick Pulignano, Jr. '74
  • Michael Clark '75
  • Clifton W. Moore, Jr. '76
  • Michael Wellman '77
  • Steven Briganti '78
  • Anthony P. Donaldson '83
  • Thomas Brantley Burgiss '84
  • Michael J. Dodick '90
  • Kent Oglesby '90
  • Robert G. "Butch" Bracknell '93
  • James W. Hendley '94
  • Michael Carreiro '96
  • Bogamir T. Glavan '97
  • Kerry P. "Beagle" Hicks '02
  • Esther "Zuul" Kangas '14
  • Sarah E. Eason '18
  • Tatihana V. Moreno '18
  • Samir D. Patel '18
  • Thomas J. Singley '18
  • Alexander H. Stephenson '18
  • Bryan M. Towers '18
  • Carlos A. Urquilla '18

2019 Annual Members : 18
  • Alec Decker '61
  • James A. Thompson '64
  • Richard Greenamyer '66
  • Joseph Woods '67
  • C. Wesley Morgan, Jr. '70
  • Robert W. Etheridge, III '71
  • Phillip J. Tate '72
  • Robert K. Eby, Jr. '73
  • Robert Rivers '73
  • Dwight H. Merriam '74
  • Margaret E. Karr Jacky '75
  • Stephen F. White '75
  • Phillip B. McGuinn '82
  • Robert E. Smith '82
  • James L. Barge '85
  • Douglas Montgomery '86
  • Richard D. Sampson '86
  • Andrew C. Eckert '05

Classes with the most number of Life members: 1985(14); 1986(11); 1959(9); 1987(8)
Classes with most number of total members:1985 (15); 1986(13); 1959 (10), 1970, 1987 and Staff Alumni (8 each);
Classes with no current members: 1962, 2006-2008, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016. 
As a service to our members, we have created a feature on the website available for paid members entitled Deceased Alumni . The feature may be found on the Alumni Service and Information Resource tabs of the website. Please notify the Secretary if you know of errors or additional alumni who should be listed here.

If you know of a UNC NROTC Alumnus who has passed away, let us know so that this information may be reported in the News Bulletin under "Taps".

Please send your announcements to secretary@uncnrotcaa.org .

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