Sharing Our Internet
With hybrid & distance learning, internet needs are not all being met.
Trio Has Space, Internet, and an Accessible Location in TCC!
With Mora schools being hybrid now and possibly full distance learning soon, the need for reliable internet among Kanabec County students is high. Trio is interested in offering our space for study and/or internet access to students of all ages, but we need adult volunteers to make it work.

Initially, we hope to offer 1-2 hours, one weekday (not Friday) per week.
To do this, we need 1-2 adults (besides Pastor Kirk) on site as supervisors/helpers. If you are interested, click the link below, and fill out a brief 2-minute survey to show your interest and availability. Thank you.
Campfire Christmas
Eve Service Hosts
Trio is planning an unforgettable
Campfire Christmas Eve service this year, outdoors in the parking lot adjacent to TCC.
We are asking as many Trio families as possible to host a campfire in the parking lot on Christmas Eve starting
around 4:30pm.
Christmas Eve campfire hosts will be asked to provide an elevated campfire ring (use yours, buy one, or borrow one), firewood (we can supply wood if you need it), a tending tool or stick, and camp chairs or stools (Trio's chairs are available too).
All attendees not hosting a campfire can join one already going.

The service will be on Christmas Eve, Thursday 12/24/20 at 5:00pm.
Hosts will need to arrive around 4:30pm with their supplies.
(More details on this service will be coming soon.)

If you can host a campfire, please email Pastor Kirk, by replying to this email or clicking the button below, and let him know you'll host a campfire.
There will be a sign-up sheet at TCC as well.