Nationally Recognized Social Media Attorney
Mark Fiedelholtz Presents...

How To Avoid Blocking
And Deleting Liability
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"Mark, your program was great. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves you
big legal fees and your public image."

Cindy Reid, Attorney, Davidson, NC
Here's What You Learn...
Nationally Respected Social Media Attorney
Mark Fiedelholtz Teaches You...
First Amendment of the US Constitution with court gavel
  • Nuances in the new federal laws on blocking and deleting you must know..

  • When you have the right to block and delete certain content.

  • Avoiding discrimination and harassment claims when you block and delete comments.
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"A real eye-opener. Your new wording strategies will
protect my career." This was time well spent."

-W.J. Bendick, Exxon Chemical, IL
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"Great course. I not only learned how much I didn't know, but
was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong."

- Division Chief Louis Carnell
Hillsborough County, FL

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Meet Nationally Recognized
Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz
Academic Credentials
  • Member of the Florida Bar
  • JD, St. Thomas Law School, Miami, Florida
  • Masters Public Administration, American University, Washington, D.C.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, American University, Washington D.C.

Practical Experience
  • Digital Media Law Trainer For 30 Years
  • Written Over 150 Social Media Policies
  • Trained Over 30,000 professionals
  • Speaker at over 100 conferences
  • 200 hours a month in research and training
  • Television Anchor At Network Affiliates;
  • Former White House Television Reporter.
"Mark, your courses always give me new information on the hidden liabilities other instructors overlook."

- Mike Weaver, 911 Director
Lancaster County, PA

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"The risks are too high to use social media without this type of expert training." 

- Philip B. Williams,
Orange County, FL 

"Mark, you gave me new insights into the hidden liabilities of social media."

- Michael Collins, PA
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