Just Between Friends Children's Consignment Event
Loudoun, Virginia    
April 21-22, 2012  
2 Weeks Away! 
Dulles Sportsplex, in Sterling


Our SPRING sale is only 2 weeks away, and you are registered as a consignor! If you haven't done so already, there is still plenty of time to tag your items! Most consignors tag the week prior to the sale! (just sayin' ...you aren't the only one that hasn't started!) I wanted to touch base on a few reminders when participating with the Just Between Friends of Loudoun event.
Consignor Information
We want to make sure we have all of your information up to date in our system. If not, then your check might not make it to you, or we might not be able to contact you when we need to!                 
Consignor Number:  
First Name:   
Last Name: 
Phone Number: 
Email Address: 

This is where your check will be mailed! This is the name in which your check will be addressed! The phone number we want you to verify, so that if by chance we need to contact you, because say you forgot something at drop-off, we want to be able to!

Something not correct in your details? Update them now!
Some JBF Loudoun Rules Highlighted
Consignors earn 60% on your sold items. Earn 70% by volunteering with us at our event! (Shifts still available here!)

You have the option to donate or pick them up on last day of sale!

Acceptable items for our Spring event: 
  • All summer and spring clothing items
  • Swim and water play items; to include swimsuits, pools, life-jackets, etc.
  • Infant clothing is pretty much all acceptable, minus coats. Bring what your child would wear in the spring or summer.  
  • All outdoor play equipment; your kids play with it, we take it!  
  • Jeans and pants are ok. They don't sell that well in spring, but we will accept them. You will make more money on these items in the fall!  
  • Dress-Up clothing is ok. Please refrain from specifically Halloween costumes.  
  • Anything that your child wears, plays with, reads, sleeps, or sits on in the spring and summer! 

Unacceptable items for our Spring event: 

  • No hoodies or sweatshirts   
  • No footed pajamas below size 18mo.
  • No Christmas/Winter Holiday attire
  • No winter sweaters - light, spring sweaters (white, pink, etc.) are ok
  • No fall clothing; to include long sleeves that are out of season
  • No coats
  • NO MATTRESSES! I just found this out TODAY! Until we have further information from the State of Virginia, we will not be accepting crib and/or twin mattresses.  

Required to consign with JBF Loudoun: 

  • Child sized hangers on all clothing size 6x and below. No exceptions.
  • You must use our tagging system - no hand written tags.  (myjbftags.com
  • Your tags must be printed on white or very light colored cardstock.
    **Please DO NOT alter the size of the tags!
  • $11 consignor fee, to be taken out of your check 
Dropoff - Thursday, April 19th
This sales event we only have one day for you to drop your items off. But, we are trying our best to make it work for you!                   

All consignors are required to place their items onto the sales floor in the appropriate area.

All clothing and shoes will be inspected. So be prepared to wait on those items to make sure they pass inspection, so that you can take the items that were not accepted home with your right away.

Kids are allowed at drop-off. We understand! Just please maintain control of your child at all times for safety reasons. Children are asked to stay off of all sale items, and not play with toys at this time.  
Options for Drop-off:
  • Over 500 items: I will contact you by the 15th of April if you qualify to schedule an assigned time. This will be between 11am and 4:00pm, April 19th.  
  • Valet Drop-off: We place your items on the floor, and assist you getting them into the sale for a fee. (This is for those with very short time!) Full details here.  11am - 3pm are the slots available. 11-12 is already pretty booked.
    Please contact Susan at susangill@jbfsale.com to reserve a spot!  
  • Open Drop-off: 1:00pm - 9:30pm
    The evenings are always busy due to working parents. If you can come earlier in the day, please try.  
We try our best to keep most of our communication to Facebook. Make sure you "like" us, to get the latest information.

Facebook made MANY changes recently, so even if you have "liked" us in the past, if you haven't interacted with our page in the last month or two, more than likely we aren't hitting your feed of news.

If you wouldn't mind, go to our page and just like a post, this will get you re-registered to receive our posts. During the sale this is how we notify you of early pickup, tags uploaded at end of evening, etc. You don't want to miss that! ;)

Here is the link: 

Item Pickup After the Event

Sunday, April 22nd 6:01 pm - 7:29pm

Volunteer Pickup Only - 6:01 pm - 6:30 pm (this does not include barters) Want to volunteer?
Last Name   A -J:   6:31 pm to 6:50 pm
Last Name   K - Z:   6:51 pm to 7:29 pm

Please be in the door retrieving your items within your allotted time.

7:30 pm - 8:00pm Everything donated and loaded up for charity.




Plan on around 30 minutes to get in and out of pickup - at least. The pickup goes quickly, but we do verify consignor contracts and items on the way out - so it depends on line ahead of you.   

Still Time to Volunteer!
We will be sending out our final push of volunteer schedules this week. If you still would like to volunteer at our event, to earn the additional 10%, to shop the 75% off sale time on Sunday at 11:30, and to pickup FIRST, now is the time!

Check out our Perks page for full details!

Our Sponsors
Please help support those that are helping us to put on this great community event!

I am happy to help answer any questions for you, no matter how simple or tough you might think they are! Please don't hesitate to ask! I will try my best to answer you as quickly as possible!




Susan Gill


Just Between Friends Childrens Consignment Sale Events of Loudoun, VA jbfsale.com/loudoun

Please check website for Dates/Times - subject to change.
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