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20% OFF Annemarie Borlind Rose Nature Products NOW thru February 12th. Offer good while supplies last! Look your BEST (for yourself!) to celebrate Valentine's Day!

20% OFF Hampton Sun sun protection NOW thru February 12th. Offer good while supplies last. Use an SPF for your Winter outdoor activities!

20% OFF Supersmile teeth whitening products NOW through February 12th. Offer good while supplies last. Your teeth will look whiter by using Supersmile!

Annemarie Borlind continues to be the leader in high performance skin care and has created a line of products designed to reduce the aging effects of BLUE LIGHT.

Using the power of THREE ROSES; Peony, Black Forest Rose and Desert Rose, these products protect and combat Blue Light damage. If you're using devices, including iPhone, iPad and Computer, add a few of these products into your skin care regimen!

BLUE LIGHT is emitted from your devices (iPhone, iPad, Laptop) and penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin. Blue Light is more harmful than UV Rays, causing wrinkles and pre-mature aging! For those using devices (almost everyone) these products are for you!

Featured above left to right: Night Repair Drops, Blue Light Protection Spray, Supreme Glow Cream-Gel, Cooling Spa Eye Cream-Gel and Oil-To-Milk Cleanser.

Cleanse your face AM and PM with the Oil-to-Milk Cleanser. The PR3 Rose Complex reduces the effects of blue light. Macadamia Oil moisturizes, leaving a velvety finish. Enjoy a modern, clean Rose scent by using daily to wash your face. WAS $50.00 (4.23 oz.) and with 20% OFF = $40.00.

The Eye Cream-Gel featured above is anti-aging, puffiness-reducing and brightening! Plumps tired wrinkles and leaves your eyes looking radiantly fresher. The exclusive PR┬│ Rose Complex reduces the effects of BLUE LIGHT. Apply AM and PM around the eye area. WAS $90.00 (.51 oz) and with 20% OFF = $72.00.

Revitalize your skin overnight with the ROSE NATURE Night Repair Drops. The PR3 Rose Complex reduces the effects of blue light, while Gardenia reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Enjoy a modern, clean rose scent. Pro Tip: Mix with a few drops of Supreme Cream Glow Cream-Gel for an overnight treatment. WAS $100.00 (1.01 oz.) and with 20% OFF = $80.00.

Similar to protecting your eyes from blue light, same with protecting your skin! To see ALL the Rose Nature products, click on the image above!

Ski Season meets Sun Protection Season! UVA Rays don't go away in the Winter. These harmful rays lead to premature aging and skin cancer risk, which remains constant throughout the year. Protect your skin with Hampton Sun Chemical-free Sun Protection!

The SPF 50 Mist Spray featured below is an oil-free formula, with a light, silky feel that absorbs instantly with no sticky film. Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The user-friendly packaging has an ON/OFF lock top that makes it ideal for transport. Chemical-free and Coral Reef Safe! WAS $32.00 (5 oz.) and with 20% OFF = $25.60

The SPF 45 Stick featured below uses advanced vanishing Zinc technology and all-natural Avocado Oil. The sheer and lightweight formula is perfect for your nose, ears, lips and jaw-line. Travel and purse-friendly! Chemical-free and Coral Reef Safe! WAS $22.00 (.67 oz.) and with 20% OFF = $17.60.

The SPF 30 in a TUBE featured below is a sheer, super lightweight LOTION. Provides broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. Infused with a Vitamin F & E-rich blend, providing deep-level moisture and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Coral Reef Safe! WAS $28.00 (3 oz.) and with 20% OFF = $22.40.

The SPF 30 Spray Mist featured below is a non-aerosol FOAM infused with all-natural Argon Oil and Aloe Vera; age-defying and soothing benefits! The luminous formula is ultra-sheer and lightweight and the spray foam spreads beautifully. User-friendly, the packaging has an ON/OFF lock top and ideal for transport. Coral Reef Safe! $34.00 (6 oz.) and with 20% OFF = $27.20.

Have you tried Supersmile? These Teeth Whiteing products are proven to whiten teeth 6 shades* and restores bonded teeth, veneers, caps and dentures to their original shade.

Supersmile gently whitens and cleans teeth without sensitivity and fights cavities with Fluoride. Take 20% off ALL Supersmile products thru February 12th. Offer good while supplies last! CLICK on the image above to read more and order!

The Whitening Pre-Rinse featured above left safely and effectively breaks up stains before brushing, even in hard-to-reach places! Washes away stains and bacteria, preventing plaque that can lead to Gingivitis. Works on dentures, veneers and bonded teeth. WAS $20.00 (16 oz.) and with 20% OFF = $16.00.

For MAXIMUM whitening results, use the the Extra Whitening Pre-Rinse featured below right. Contains 3X Calprox® for a dramatically WHITER smile! WAS $26.00 (16 oz.) and with 20% OFF = $20.80.

The Original Mint Toothpaste and Whitening Accelerator featured above are offered in full sizes, a Traveling Kit and a sample Mini Kit. The Mini Kit includes 2 tubes; a .21 oz. Toothpaste and a .21 oz. Accelerator for $10.00. 3-4 uses and with 20% OFF = $8.00. Click on the image below to order a Mini Kit!

Featured below, see Toothpaste flavors including Vanilla Mint, Mandarin Mint, Cinnamon Mint. WERE $24.00 (4.2 oz.) and NOW with 20% OFF = $19.20. Other flavors include Rosewater Mint and Icy Mint. Supersmile Accelerator (far right) was $65.00 and with 20% OFF = $52.00.

CLICK on any image to order and get 20% OFF these items through February 12th! Offer good while supplies last!

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