I Love the Logic of. . .
My personal favorite beginning brain game is Chroma Cube from Project Genius.
$10.00 (6)
It's like a logic puzzle but uses attractive and colorful wooden cubes. You start out with some of the colorful cubes in place. You then are given instructions as to how to place remaining cubes, in their relationship to each other. "The brown cube cannot be touching the green cube. The red cube is next to the orange cube" It's a great logic puzzle/game for young minds.
Selling Your Business?
Don't know where to begin with an asking price? While there are some really good (and somewhat complicated) formulas to use, I am going to give you a starting point.
Obviously, there are many factors to take into account. Such as how long the store has been in business; how long a lease is available, is the store paying a reasonable amount of rent, etc..
Starting point - just to get your thinking is: Inventory Total + 1 ½  Years Owner's Annual Salary + 1 ½  Years Annual Profit = Asking Price
Stardust/Galloping Unicorn
Now $9.60 (6)
Westminster's 20% OFF Sale
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Spy Pen
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Fishing Game/21pc
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Happy Hamster/Ball
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Orion/Revolving Cosmos
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7" Rocket Lamp
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Holiday Train-In-A-Tin
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W/S Glitter Lamp
Now $1.60 (12)
Winner of $100 Goes to Emily Daniel Scheid of Hollipops in Greenville
We love hearing your suggestions of new lines that you have picked up, (currently not repped), that you think would be a good fit for us. It's part of our Referral Reward Program. Emily found us Ollyball. It's right up our alley, as it's fun, active and unique.We expect to be selling lots of ollyballs.
Thank you Emily!
If you have an idea for a line for us, that we do end up picking up, you too can receive $100 Click Logo to visit site.
"At least I'll have the building"
One of my larger manufacturers recently told me that they invested most of their money into buying a new building that could warehouse their business operations.
Recognizing the fragility of owning a toy business, I love his wisdom when he said "If all else fails, at least I'll have the building".
Congratulations To Valerie Bernstein!
Valerie is the recipient of $300!
We offered a reward to help us in the hiring of a great sales rep in Florida. Valerie found us Daryll Gunter, who will be covering North Florida and the panhandle for us.
We have one more opening. If you find us our 3rd rep in Florida that we hire, then $300 can be yours.
Send your suggestions to: sandyrubeninfo@gmail.com
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