Topcon RL-H5A Laser with LS-80L Receiver

Alkaline Battery, 2600 ft Diameter Range

  • Long-range operation (800 m)
  • Smart long-range receiver
  • Simple, intuitive manual slope capability
  • ±10 Arc second horizontal accuracy
  • ±5 Degrees self-leveling range
  • Up to 100 hours battery life

  •  Kit Components
  • RL-H5A laser
  • LS-80L sensor
  • Sensor holder
  • Batteries (Alkaline)
  • Carry case

Sokkia B30A Automatic Level

28 X Magnification

  • MSLP $615
  • Magnification 28X
  • Accuracy 1km DR Level 2.0 mm
  • Objective Lens 36mm
  • Relative Brightness 1.98
  • Field of View 85 Minutes
  • Minimum Focus .3 Meter
  • Resolving Power 3.5′
  • Stadia Ratio 1 : 100
  • Compensating Range +/- 15 minutes
  • Circular Level 10 minutes
  • Hz Circle Min Reading 1 degree
  • Weight3.7 lbs
Topcon AT-B3A Automatic Level

28 X Magnification

  • Waterproof – nitrogen gas-filled
  • Magnetically damped compensators
  • Rapid automatic leveling
  • Horizontal circles
  • Clampless tangent screws on both sides
  • Mirrored circular level
  • Stadia crosshairs
Nikon AS-2 Auto Level

Waterproof- The airtight, gas-filled (dry nitrogen gas)
design of the telescope is perfect for wet environments.

  • Nikon’s unique automatic compensator employs a wire-suspended pendulum and an air damper to prevent magnetic interference.
  • Rugged construction provides resistance to shocks.
  • Highly accurate 1km double-run leveling- AS-2 ±0.8mm w/o micrometer, ±0.4mm w/micrometer
  • 34x high-magnification, high-resolution telescope
  • Improved minimum focusing distance, down to /3.28 ft.
  • Endless horizontal fine drive ensures smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement.
  • Standard optical sight lets you find your target with precision and ease.
  • A mirror with a pentaprism lets you view the circular bubble as an erect image while setting up and sighting.
Nikon AP-8 Automatic Level
28X Magnification

The powerful 28x Nikon telescope has a 30mm objective aperture for bright, clear views of erect images. A minimum focusing distance of 0.75m (2.46 ft.) lets you work even in confined places. The built-in magnetically dampened compensator automatically levels the line of sight within the range of ±16′, with setting accuracy of ±0.5′. The standard deviation for a 1-km double-run level is as low as ±1.5mm. The horizontal motion knobs offer an unlimited range and can be operated with either hand. A friction brake enables a quick, easy setting. The detachable eyepiece lens can be replaced with an optional diagonal eyepiece prism. The water-resistant body construction allows use in light rain or dusty conditions. Stadia measurement is standard.
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