NEWSLETTER - Volume 3 - Issue 1 - January 31, 2020
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2020 - The Year of Clarity
by Linda Brady

Jeff (right) has been a friend for many years. He is a Firefighter / EMT in Florida and an amazingly intuitive person! I thank him for his words.)

 I baptized a young girl and her baby brother on Winter Solstice, 12/21/2019. At the end of the ceremony Jeff, their grandfather, hugged me and asked if I was excited about the New Year. I said I was really looking forward to it. He smiled and said, “you know it is 20/20?” I replied ‘yes,” not knowing what he meant. Seeing my obvious confusion, he continued by adding “you know when you see your eye doctor and he says you have 20/20 vision? That’s great, right?” The light bulb went off in my mind and I replied, “Oh my God Jeff, you are so right. It could be the year of clear seeing and clarity! Thank you for giving me that gift, I will share it with my clients.” Jeff did not know that a major astrological event will occur this March when Saturn will move into the sign of Aquarius for a few months. He did not know that Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will be affecting each other throughout the year. ) He had, nonetheless, hit the nail on the head and provided me with a poignant and powerful statement that I will use throughout the year. 2020 is the year of clarity!

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You are receiving our newsletter just after the Sun moved into Aquarius on 01/21/2020. It will remain there until 02/19/2020. It can be a wonderful preview of the upcoming Saturn in Aquarius event. More about this to come in our next newsletter. The Sun’s energy through a sign does the following:
  • Signifies power and talent as well as creative self-expression.
  • Defines the key to manifesting personal power.
  • Conveys self-expression by divine right.
  • Shows where talents can be spontaneously expressed.
  • Area of instinctive warmth and enthusiasm.
  • Indicates where personal vitality is maintained.
  • Discloses the area of radiance.
  • Describes your essential self.
You have that time to think and feel the Sun as it journeys through the constellation of Aquarius. Some keys words for Aquarius are:
  • Individual
  • Futuristic
  • Innovative
  • Humanistic
  • Open minded
  • Rational
  • Independent
  • Reformer
  • Cooperative
  • Philosophical
  • Original
  • Friendly
  • Need for groups
  • Networker
  • Cause oriented
  • Unique
Serendipity Circle
by Natasha Holgersen (New Intern)

Inspired by several serendipity situations experienced by my friends lately, I was motivated to share my little serendipity story.

When I left my ex-husband 12 years ago, like many others, I was determined not to waste any time and find a new and “better suited” partner as soon as possible. Little did I know how both karma and serendipity would enter the picture.

After half a year of being single, I created an account on one of the online dating sites. I was quite determined and knew exactly (or at least, I thought I did) what I wanted and what I didn’t want. One of the details I indicated in the profile was that I wanted to meet someone who was Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn by birth. I am Taurus myself and my limited knowledge of astrology at that time demanded another Earth sign as a partner. After a couple of hopeless meetings and many email exchanges, there was suddenly a man – apparently Virgo by birth - who was extremely good at writing and expressing himself. Even though Norwegian is not my native tongue (this was going on in Norway where I live), I am a philologist by education and can appreciate a good communicator. After a couple of interesting and encouraging emails, he suggested we not waste time writing to each other and meet for a dinner.

We met for a dinner and then for another one, and another. It was a clear match and we both fell in love, as we later admitted, on the first date.
After a few weeks, I asked him about his birth date. He said that it was on July 30. “You mean August 30,” I asked, remembering very well that he was Virgo by birth. “No! It is July 30," he said. And then he admitted that he lied in his dating profile and indicated a wrong zodiac sign. He didn’t believe in astrology and didn’t think it would matter.

We have now been together for 11 years. Were these years easy? Absolutely not! We have had, and still have, our ups and downs. But would I have liked to lived these years without him? No! Would I have met with him 11 years ago if I knew that he was Leo? No! We have a karmic relationship that is slowly turning into a karmic soul partners relationship as a result of serendipity! Isn’t life interesting, intriguing and exciting?! 
On My Mind - The Year of Clear Seeing (20/20, got it?)
by Michael Brady

Happy new year everybody. The holidays… want to see them come…relieved to see them go, hey! The year of clear seeing. Not to be confused with perfect vision. There is no such thing. My spirit is excited to begin this year of life. My body is dragging a little, but I’m optimistic it will catch up. 

Going into Christmas I became aware of irritation in me. Now that’s me being human like everyone else! I was having the emotion of Mad at a scale value of 1/2 to 1 1/2, on a scale of 10. Okay that’s crystal clear. I became aware of this because Linda would ask me in the morning: How are you? Or, are you okay? Or, you’re not your usual cheery self today. And that would irritate me! Lol. I eventually paid attention to her feedback. When I tuned in to myself, I was in for a shock.
You see, I believe everyone comes into life and brings what I call a Karmic Emotion with them. That is, along with their Karmic issues. That is along with their Natal Chart. My Karmic Emotion was Scared. At the age of 3, something happened that began the unfolding of the reasons I came here. And from that day forward I was scared on top or underneath all the time. I climbed the mountain of Scared every day till the age of 60. At that point, like climbing Mount Everest, I crested the summit and started my way down the mountain. Down the other side. I was no longer Scared all the time and a life experience could still evoke Fear in me. Can you see how that works?

Along the way, Anger showed itself. My father had Anger issues. He was critical and judgmental. He could be explosive when I was a young child, every so often. A handful of times he used corporal punishment on me. A couple of times he really lost it. One time I really feared he might not stop. I was around 7 or 8 when that happened. At the age of 20 on the way up the mountain of Fear I consciously swore I would never be like my father. When I was 28 and had just become a father myself, I really lost it one night. I screamed. I hollered. I kicked the furniture; I punched the plaster walls. I bruised my knuckles. I went on for a good 2 or 3 minutes. I finally got exhausted and sat down. And realized… I’m just like my father . I worked on my father issues and my Anger/his Anger for the next 10 years. All the while still trudging up the mountain of Fear. I resolved my feelings for my father when I was 38. He lived another 6 years. In his dying process, I had strong feelings of tenderness for him. When he passed, I felt free. I was happy for him. He was relieved of his burdens. That was 1994. Since at least 2000 I believed I had mastered my Anger process. I put an end to ending up like my old man. I could still be angry, but it almost always was with myself. And I knew that along the way.

And then Linda brought my attention to my underlying irritation as we approached Christmas. And I realized that deep deep down I was so pissed that I couldn’t see straight; that this place is sooo screwed up! I began to walk around feeling that in more and more of my day. Then I began to hear my own teachings about Projection. I began to meditate about it. I realized that my rage about “how screwed up this place is” sounds like this . I am enraged that I am so screwed up! And this led me right to my chart, right to my South Node and Saturn in Virgo in my 10 th house. The 10 th house has to do with Father. Virgo has to do with perfection. I’m a perfectionist. My father was a perfectionist. We both failed to be perfect. Perfect can be a spontaneous moment of experience here on this plane. But it cannot be directly controlled or extended reliably for any duration. So, I can’t be perfect in this life. Period . I really got in touch deep down with how impossible I am being with myself.

I have been giving myself a break consciously, frequently, day by day, experience by experience through the Christmas season. Deep down in me I can feel anger resolving, dissolving, dissipating. I feel lighter. I feel looser. I hope this story rings true for you in some way, dear reader.

This place / this life sure isn’t boring! I expect there is inevitability of discovery and greater happiness, greater joy, right up to the end. I’m really looking forward to.......
Lester Johnson lives in Thailand and is president of the Chiang Mai expats club. This article was first written in their weekly newsletter. 
He is a long time client of Linda Brady.
by Karen Krull
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