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December 2020 Christmas Issue
In Memory of
Bruce Corbin 12/12/55-01/03/2006
& Louise Denea' Weidman- Corbin 09/12/1982-06/04/2018
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" 20/20 in 2020. What have we Learned?"
Nurses Notes ℠  
By Marie Corbin, Executive Director- MSNc-PMHNPc,
Loyola University New Orleans

Dear Communities,

In 2020 thanks to the Novel Coronavirus aka Covid 19 entrance into our world and bodies; we have seen a huge paradigm shift that has given us a 20/20 perspective like we have never seen and it has illuminated many disparities and injustices than ever before, like the incredible Social Injustices, Climate change immediacy, Healthcare and Racial Disparities.  Covid 19 a blessing and a curse has exposed Gender inequality, Economic inequality, Federal and State vulnerabilities and has given the world a front row seat into our true democracy and the list goes on. 
But what have learned in 2020, what is our 20/20 Snellen chart score? A Snellen chart is commonly used to measure a person’s visual acuity. The score is called your 20/20 vision, where the measure of distance vs. what a normal person can see from that distance based upon the Snellen chart exam. (Egan, 2019)rt).

The American Optometric Association explains that 20/20 vision refers to someone’s visual acuity — the clarity or sharpness of vision — measured at a distance of 20 feet (ca. 6 meters) without vision correction (such as eyeglasses or contact lenses). “ 20/20 mark is “simply a point of reference,” says Dr. Mark Wilkinson, clinical professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine (Egan, 2019)

As a society we need to ask ourselves where do we see our future and do we need to navigate our point of references better?  Do we need to adjust our clarity, sharpness, attitudes, minds and hearts differently? I submit to you that we most certainty do.

Dear communities, as technologies, innovations, and growth in parts of our economies has occurred (for the have’s) and they continue to surpass their dreams, in that same illumination we clearly see poverty, huge inequalities and great disparities that continue to be exposed and be seen for what they truly are not for the “have not’s”.

America, suppose to be the measure scale in which other countries aspire to be, but I submit, we are playing out our true makeup of who we truly are on the world stage. In my scope of vision, the ramifications of having this world pandemic, it has placed the USA, for example, in a unique position on the world stage that is being watched and critiqued the world over. I have watched our country go from what the world aspired to be to what the world now sees. as a true fallen from grace state of being.

But can we turn things around? Can we from this 20/20 visual examination of our “World Snellen chart exam” (Corbin, PMHNPc, 2020) which in my view extremely abnormal right now, be corrected to a normal outcome? 

What does our future hold? As we transition into the unknown, globally and locally with new-found Artificial Intelligence, Scientific advancements, Business growth explosions, and World leader’s domination, how do we navigate a safe and fair world? Do we reframe our future or let our future reframe us? Do we allow for Innovation or Isolation? and, do we trade Humanity for Disparity? 

From what I see, I predict our 20/20 examination could produce if we desire, improved visual clarity of who we want to be. Our aspirations could include: coming together using our resiliency, abilities, agility, compassion and grace that has carried us thus far. I see in our future, if we just would try, that we can continue to build the USA into the country where all are free and equal, where we become what we have always aspired to be and not the country that other despises. So the final questions we should all ask ourselves are what do you see for our future and our children's future and what is the prescription to correct your findings? in essence, what have we learned?


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Looking back at 2020 from a Graduate Students POV.
By Simi Randhawa, MSWc,
Tulane University, New Orleans

2020 has been an eventful year. I started my first year as an MSW student at Tulane University as COVID-19 made such a dramatic appearance. I could not see my family for months due to the potential dangers of getting them infected as I am an essential worker as well working on the front lines of Child Protective Services.

There was always this lingering thought about when all this would end, and when life would be back to normal, but after looking back at 2020, the real questions is what is normal anymore? There is no "normal". Our normal is wearing masks and keeping your distance to flatten the curve. Who knows when this new normal will change and when will we be able to live our lives without fear again.

All we can do as individuals and as a community is be there for one another.. from afar of course, and hope for better times.

Hope is what we all need and what will keep us from losing ourselves.


If you are in Santa Barbara County and are in need of resources during the holidays, click here

PHOSBC "Self-Care Matters"
Community Member's Corner
by Frances Moore
SB Ring Shout Shout Project

The Impact COVID-19 has had on my life when I opened my eyes this morning, I decided to write this article on paper. Picking up a pen to write is hard because my mind wonders. One minute it's thinking about meditating and stretching before getting out of bed, another minute it's thinking about the time, I start my morning by watching The View.

The next minute I could be thinking about who was that man who yelled, “Hi Frances” to me when I was out for my morning walk a few days ago. If it was the man I think I know, he usually rides a bike, this man was driving a white pickup truck.

So, back to the topic at hand, the impact COVID-19 has had on my mind, body and soul.

Lonely, lonely, lonely. Lonely from not singing, “Oh Yes”, Ring Shouts signature song. We would close our Ring Shout’s practices by singing that song. I miss everything about Ring Shout, the call and response singing, the circle dance, the camaraderies. I used to leave practice feeling a natural high.

I am lonely because I cannot work out in the cottage rehab swimming pool. My understanding, it is used for their rehab patients and closed to the public. I had an opportunity to work out at a private swimming pool for Physical Therapist, however because the virus has surged, I decided to cancel my appointment. I am afraid of that virus. I lost my brother to that monster virus.

I am sad because I used to attend my support group once a week, where I could express intimate details of my pain. Hugs are freely, touch soothes my body and tells me that I matter. When I would share people would shake their head as if to say, I understand, you are not along.

I am grateful that I have friends and relatives that I can call when I am lonely in many cities and states. Too be honest with myself, there are virtual support groups that takes place every day too, so all I must do is re-enagage in my groups. So the solution is to reach out and continue to promote my own self care.

A Look inside
Project Heal of SBC
by Jonny Stobie,
Communications Undergrad
Santa Barbara City College Senior

1.) What are you working to achieve in your community?

It is our mission here at Project Heal of SBC a 501(c)(3) to provide education, training, advocacy and support to those living with Mental & Chronic Health disorders. We also work tirelessly to eradicate social stigma associated with mental health diagnosis. 

2. ) What was the inspiration for this non-profit?

The inspiration for Project Heal SBC was derived from 1.) My own lived experiences with a mental health condition I've lived with Depression most my life and my recovery story is inspiring others & those I’m close too and 2.) my desire to educate others about Holistic & Integrative health therapies in the mental health community that people may not have heard of. I saw that need to introduce this nursing approach to help members in healing past traumas. As a Public Health Educator, and aspiring Psych Nurse Practitioner candidate, I wanted to educate and empower others from what I'm learning from these collective lived experiences. 

3.) Has there been an increase or decrease of patients since Covid-19 started?

There has been a definite increase of members since the Covid 19 health crisis by (3x) our previous service. Mostly due to food insecurities, an increase need for support due to imposed social isolation mandates and Mental Health challenges that has arise due to inequalities from social and racial disparities that has been illuminated from the world pandemic. 

4. What steps do you take in helping a patient struggling with mental health?

We provide intakes based on community referrals or word of mouth. Our team of volunteers, Interns & Clinicians then provide thorough assessments of our members issues that brought them to us. This is followed by Care Plans/Life Plans, that we create together with our members. We closely work with our members to empower them using evidence based practices.

We aspire to help them implement those plans weekly. This is then followed by repeated evaluation and updates to our members plans as needed. Support groups are often use along with Telehealth when needed.  

Each plan is customized to the needs of our patients with them fully in charge of the plan. Resources & Referrals to other community partners is also an important part of our steps to empower our members. 

5.) What would you say is the most rewarding part about working for this non- profit? 

The most rewarding part of our work in the county is seeing the actual progress of our members as they begin the recovery process of healing past traumas.

Again, Jonny Thank you for the interview and your interest in our organization!
Boone Chance' in your studies!  

For more questions or comments about our projects email me at MCorbin@projecthealofsbc.org
Executive Director of PHOSBC
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Office (805) 280-3168
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It is because of wonderful sponsors like you, PHOSBC is able to assist our Seniors , Families and Members and bring in a sense of "together-ness" during these tough times.
Thank You
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