Chapel Rock Family Ministry Weekend Update for January 3, 2021
In the midst of great challenges that we all faced in 2020, there were some amazingly beautiful moments. As we look back at the last 12 months, we're celebrating all of the amazing ways that God has been at work in the lives of students and families at Chapel Rock. A lot happened this past year. The collection below highlights 20 great moments from 2020 that you may or may not remember happened this past year. You can also view the "Top 100" Student Ministry photos of 2020 in the link on the last photo of the gallery below.
1/20/20: Snow Tubing at Perfect North Ski Slopes
2/2/20: Time Capsule prayers & letters sealed until 2/5/2025
3/27/20: Zoom Scavenger Hunt / Community Clean-Up
1/21/20: The new youth space taking shape in ED02.
1/23/20: Jam Night at the Reiss House
2/2/20: Send off for Chad & Nicole Dillon
1/2/20 Kinsey Bell's Baptism
2/29/20: Gold @ State!
3/1/20: Learning the ropes in the new tech booth.
3/13/20: Super Re-Start
4/19/20 Student Ministry on Zoom
6/15/20: Carpet ball comes back to Chapel Rock!
6/16/20: Chapel Rock Food Pantry Prep
6/17/20: CIY Move AT
6/22/20 CIY MIX AT
8/3/20: Senior Trip
10/4/20 Fall Hayride
7/8/20 Mission Indy
11/8/20 Fall Retreat at McCormick's Creek State Park
12/6/20: Christmas Party & Ugly Sweater Contest
100 Photo Highlights from 2020
Sunday Morning: The Vine/Merge
(for students in 6-12th Grades meeting at 9:15a in ED02)
Happy New Year! This new year we’re starting a new series about one of the biggest topics in students’ lives: family! It’s called Family Matters, and this week, we’re talking about how faith and love can make a positive impact on your family. We’re praying specifically for families as we start this new year. 

John 13:35 NIV
1 Corinthians 13:4-7 NIV 
When it comes to your faith and your family, love matters most. 

Hebrews 11:20 NIV
Your family matters even though it's fractured.

Ecclesiastes 3:8 NIV
Isaiah 43:2 NIV 
When your family changes, your mindset matters.

1 Samuel 18:3 NIV
It matters to have more people than your family. 
Resources for Small Group Leaders (Grades 6-12):

When it comes to your faith, and your family, love matters most. 

To help students understand that following Jesus’ command to love our neighbor as ourselves includes their family. 

Students have all kinds of reasons to believe their family situation is temporary—whether that’s because they will be leaving home soon, or their family is fractured and they feel it’s not worth the time or effort, or because they are living with relatives or a foster family and it IS impermanent. We want students to realize that however long they are in the current family situation, learning to love their family right now, matters.

Create meaningful conversations. Adjust the quest-ions as needed, and don’t feel like you need to answer all of them

  • Can you pull up (or think of) a meme that best describes your family and describe why you picked the one you did. 
  • For upperclassmen: What do you think your relationship with your family will look like after high school? What do you WANT it to look like?
  • For middle school students: What do you appreciate most about your family right now?
  • Fill in the blank: In my family I am the _____ one. 
  • For you, is it easy or difficult to live out your faith in how you treat your family, compared to your friends?
  • Quarantine affected how all of us see our family. If you could rewrite that experience, what would you want to do differently? 
  • On a scale of easy to awkward, what is it like to talk about faith in your family?
  • Sometime we may feel like expectations of our family get in the way of life (social, work, other...). How do you balance the expectations of your friends versus the expectations of your family?
  • Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Which one of these aspects of love would benefit your family the most?
  • How can this group help you love your family better? 

As a group, brainstorm some ideas for how we can each love our families this week. Then, follow up with each other this week, encouraging one another to love your families when it gets really challenging.  
Sunday Evenings: Crux 6/7/8 & High School Small Groups
(for students in 6-12th Grades)
Sunday evenings gatherings, whether at Crux or in Small Groups provide great opportunities for students to connect with God and with one another on a deeper level. Multiple age focused gatherings meet students where they're at, and help them grow in wholeness in Christ. Crux 6/7/8 and High School Small groups meet most Sunday evenings throughout the semester (see calendar below) from 5:30-7p.

Small Groups & Crux will kick back off Sunday night, January 10th. There are NO SMALL GROUPS or CRUX for Sunday, January 3, 2021.

Crux 6/7/8
Location: Chapel Rock Christian Church in the Family Life Center (Gym)
Enter through Door 6.
2020 N. Girls School Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46214
Time: 5:30-7p
Leaders: Nick Wilkes, Kenny Reinhardt

Freshman Small Group
Location: Home of Jason & Kelly Berkholz
1668 Beacon Pointe Blvd.
Brownsburg, IN 46112
Time: 5:30-7p
Leaders: Jason & Kelly Berkholz & Robert Miller

Sophomore/Junior Small Group (& Seniors)
Location: Room WC111 [Enter Through Door 1] at
Chapel Rock Christian Church located at 2020 N. Girls School Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46214
Time: 5:30-7p
Leaders: Mike & Katie Beam, and Doug & Carolyn Lish, and John Hicks
Student Ministry Calendar: Winter 2021
High School Calendar
(Grades 9-12 Winter 2021)

January 3 The Vine
January 6 Jam Night
January 10 The Vine/Small Groups
January 17 The Vine/Small Groups
January 20 Jam Night
January 24 Youth Mission Sunday/Small Groups
January 31 The Vine/Small Groups

February 3 Jam Night
February 7 The Vine/Small Groups
February 14 The Vine
February 17 Jam Night
February 21 The Vine/Small Groups
February 28 The Vine/Small Groups

March 3 Jam Night
March 7 The Vine/Small Groups
March 14 The Vine/Small Groups
March 17 Jam Night
March 21 The Vine/Small Groups
March 28 The Vine/Small Groups

Save The Date:
July 5-10, 2021: CIY Move @ Holland, MI

Middle School Calendar (Grades 6-8 Winter 2021)

January 3 Merge
January 6 Jam Night
January 10 Merge/Crux 6/7/8
January 17 Merge/Crux 6/7/8
January 20 Jam Night
January 24 Youth Mission Sunday/Crux 6/7/8
January 31 Merge/Crux 6/7/8

February 3 Jam Night
February 7 Merge/Crux 6/7/8
February 14 Merge
February 17 Jam Night
February 21 Merge/Crux 6/7/8
February 28 Merge/Crux 6/7/8

March 3 Jam Night
March 7 Merge/Crux 6/7/8
March 14 Merge/Crux 6/7/8
March 17 Jam Night
March 21 Merge/Crux 6/7/8
March 28 Merge/Crux 6/7/8

Save The Date:
June 10-14, 2021: CIY Mix @ Country Lake
June 27-July 3, 2021: Mission Indy @ Fairfax
Jam Night: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays (Middle School & High School Students)
A great way for students to jump in on helping lead worship at The Vine/Merge on Sunday mornings is to join us for Jam Night on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Jam Night is the time and place where students grow in learning about leading worship, work on songs together, and help plan for upcoming times of worship and special events. Upcoming dates are listed below:

January 6 Jam Night 6-8p
January 20 Jam Night 6-8p

February 3 Jam Night 6-8p
February 17 Jam Night 6-8p

March 3 Jam Night 6-8p
March 17 Jam Night 6-8p
Sunday Morning Kids Programming: (for Birth through Grade 5)

Early Childhood and Elementary Ministry are continuing to offer programming for birth through 5th grade on Sundays during both services [Please not that we are currently working hard to update our database to include the most current information we have on file for students/families. There will be an opportunity at check-in to make sure that we are up to date on the best ways that you desire for us to communicate with you as a family.]

Grades 1-5 meet in the Family Room at 9:15a and 11a. KidRock will be offered in an identical format for both services. The younger ages (Birth through Kindergarten) meet in the classrooms specified below:

Early Childhood:
Nursery [Age: birth through stable walker]: Room WC 107
Puppies: [Age: Stable Walkers]: Room WC106 (9:15a) Room WC108 (11:00a)
Giraffe [Birthdate Range 8/1/17-7/31/18]: Room ED10
Elephant [Birthdate Range 8/1/16-7/31/17]: Room ED09
Kangaroos [Birthdate Range 8/1/15-7/31/16]: Room ED12
Kindergarten: Kindergarten Room ED11

Based upon the current Governor's mandate children age 8 and up are required to wear a face mask. Children between ages 2-8 are requested to wear a mask, but not required. All volunteers will be wearing masks. Hand sanitizer will be available and extra physical distancing will be in place when possible. Please keep children with any symptom of COVID or who are high risk at home.

If you are willing to help serve in either Early Childhood or Elementary Ministry, please contact either Sherry Schwab ( or Nicole White at (
Digital Experiences for Pre K, Elementary Age Students.

Join with ourWeekly video presentations that compliment our current First Look (Pre-School) and 252 Kids (Elementary) curriculum.

Weekly Video Resources:
Week of January 3, 2021 are found here.
House Church Kit:

Go beyond the screen by checking out our House Church kit available at This kit is designed exclusively to help you prepare to join us online for the Sunday morning service streamed at 9:00a and 11a on Sundays.

The House Church kit includes scripture readings related to the message of the week, along with discussion questions for you and your family to dig into together. It's a great way to make the most of the opportunities that we have to engage with one another in this season.

The discussion questions found in the House Church Kit that go along with each week's sermon are a great way for middle school and high school students that are normally in the rhythm of engaging in discussion groups at Merge/The Vine, to engage in a conversation about the sermon as a family.

The house church kit will be uploaded/updated on Saturday of each week for the following day's message/sermon.

To watch on the church online platform visit: or on YouTube on your smart TV by clicking here.