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On Omega's 20th Anniversary   

by Jeff Thomas,

In 1991, my father, Kent Thomas, and I, incorporated Omega Church Consultants to provide design and build services to churches throughout the nation. Today I am looking back over the past 20 years and offering thanks to God, and to you, for all the blessings we have received. Here are 20 things that I am grateful for at the end of our first 20 years serving churches . . .


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When Hiring a Church Builder   



If there is one area in the church building expansion process that must receive the utmost attention of the church leadership, it is in the selection of a construction team. The risks to the church are far too great for this matter to be handled on a "lowest bidder" or "friend of the church" basis. We probably all know of churches that have had nightmarish ordeals with their builder. Most of these horror stories can be traced to a builder with one or more of the following deficiencies: lack of experience, integrity, commitment, financial strength, communication skills, organizational skills, or qualified personnel.


The church building committee should do its homework before selecting the builder that they will be relying on to fulfill the expectations of their congregation, their lender, their architect, and many others. A "due diligence" review of prospective builders should include recommendations by previous clients, a track-record of successfully completing similar construction projects, a review of contracts and operating procedures utilized by the builder, as well as face to face meetings with key personnel.


Let's take a look at a case study . . .


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We hope that the information that we are sharing with you in this newsletter will be a blessing to you.  Our mission here at Omega is simple... We strive to make the process of expanding your ministries as easy, enjoyable, and cost-effective for you as it possibly can be.  Omega offers a complete menu of consulting, architectural design, and construction management services that seamlessly and safely move your project from vision to occupancy. 


We understand the tremendous responsibilities borne by leaders like yourself.  You want the best for your congregation and community.  You want to work with people who share your vision, with people that you can trust, and with people who have a proven track record of success.  At Omega, we bring over 20 years of church design and construction expertise to you to insure that your expansion plans will meet with success.  The unique system offered by Omega results in less risk, less cost, and more control in your hands. 


Please contact me to discuss your unique needs and to learn more about how Omega can help your ministries grow.


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