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              Archived Weekly Messages From 2012 

Thank you for the overwhelming response to Mary's Weekly Messages of 2012.  
Your emails and calls are confirmation that the real-time topics I address each week are hitting a nerve and answering important issues for you. 

We all know that Emotional Intelligence creates individual and collective excellence. Your dedication to becoming the Best Version of who you always were makes you a part of the growing group of professionals who are transforming the horizon of the workplace. 


Are You Being Managed By Fear ?                             

The 20 Drop-Dead Signs That It Is Happening


We all have had "difficult" managers; however, sometimes difficult becomes management by fear or intimidation. The tragedy is, many of these leaders and managers do not KNOW that this is
how they are managing.  With years of going uncontested, even encouraged by cultures that allow this approach to leadership, a manager can not only lose their potential to excel, but can drive away great employees and take departments down in the process. 
And yet, the good news is- change can occur.
Everyone has the capacity to change, when they are given the feedback they require and the concrete intervention and coaching
 they need to step into their full potential. 







Check all that apply below based on experiences you may have had in the past or even the present. Use the key at the bottom to get a reading on what action should or could be taken.



The need to control others actions by micro-managing detail or situations in                     which the employee has proven competency


Secret telling is the norm rather than the exception


Employees are resistant/hesitant to share their perceptions because of                             retribution


Favoritism towards specific employees is occurring regularly


Factioning among employees is common- with those who support the                                manager on "one side" (often the favored employees) and those who are not                      in the "favored group" on the other


Emotional Impulsivity to "vent" is happening by the manager, even if its                        consequences are negative


  Productivity is down


Increased examples of employee "infighting" or vying for power to gain                           position within the group


Some subjects are "taboo"- employees know that if they talk about them, there               will be negative consequences


Meetings are often one-way monologues versus participatory


Language is embedded with chronic negativity, examples including: "sniping",                     "digs", tone and pitch is raised, "yelling" at employees is considered "ok"


Public humiliation in meetings or other forums occurs


Downward trend in employee initiative, there is a growing sense of being                            paralyzed by employees- taking initiative, acting independently receives                              retribution or worse


Absenteeism, tardiness, firing or employees "quitting" trends on the rise


Performance evaluations are dreaded because it is not being used to identify                  potential and track progress but to intimidate and hold employees "in place"


  The idea of truth-telling- having honest conversations about the human                              dynamics  of the team is non-existent


Posturing is commonplace among employees or team-leads: meaning, that                        employees will take every opportunity to "one-up" a team mate to gain                              advantage


Time is lost due to gossiping about the manager 


  Attempts at helping or intervening by other managers are rebuffed due to fear                of retribution; Manager might respond with this disconnect...."What is the                            problem?"


There is a "black and white", "right" and "wrong" polarized view of the world               and workplace behavior







10 OR  MORE?


 It is time for an  intervention with your manager or leader!


Why I know things can change...

Best Regards, Mary 






Mary Schechter 
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