In March 1993, Pastor Karl Strader of Carpenters Home Church, invited Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne to conduct revival meetings in his church.  The power of God fell nightlyl and crowds variously estimated at between 6,000 to 8,000 came nightly from all over the USA and the world.  Many answered the altar calls in the morning and night meetings and gave their lives to Christ. The meetings continued for three months and touched many pastors and evangelist who themselves began to conduct revival services all over the world.  Such a great outpouring had not been seen in many decades and the impact from these meetings were felt globally.   Request for revival meetings began to escalate and many more revivalists began to conduct revival services.  Joy and laughter were always visible in these meetings.  Many testified of miraculous healings, conversions and a new love for Jesus.


REVIVAL EXPLODED around the world.


- March 1993 , Carpenter's Church Revival w/Rodney Howard Browne

- Aug 1993, Randy Clark touched in Rodney's meetings

- Jan 1994, Randy preaches at Toronto Airport Vineyard.  Revival breaks out and million come from all over the world to receive from God.

Terry Virgo was the founder of New Frontiers International (NFI). New Frontiers was made up of over 200 churches, most of them in the UK, and included a number of prominent Baptist churches. 

- May 1994Terry Virgo's church in Columbia began to be affected after members attended Rodney Howard-Browne's meetings in St. Louis. In late April, Dave Holden, the UK leader of NFI, made a scheduled visit to this church, and due to an airport delay, also attended a Rodney Howard-Browne meeting. Following his return, the phenomena followed him-first to Cambridge on Sunday May 1st, then to fifty other London church leaders, and then to his own church on May 4th. His church in Sidcup began having an extra evening service on Sunday June 12th, and 900 people completely filled the hall and side hall. Hundreds were turned away, and a wall-to-wall carpet of bodies resulted.  
- June 1994, revival breaks out at Holy Trinity Brompton after a leader attends Rodney Howard Brown meeting

- June 1994 - Sept 1994 hundreds of Anglican churches experience incredible manifestations of the Holy Spirit

- January 1995, Steve Hill visits Holy Trinity Brompton and has a life changing encounter

- 1995 Fathers day, Steve Hill preaches at Brownsville Assembly of God.  Revival breaks out and over 4 million people attend and nearly 1,000,000 get saved or rededicate their lives to the Lord.

- July 1999, Steve Foss attends the Brownsville Revival.  As hundreds filled the alters to get save Steve starts to cry and say, "Lord I love this". God then SPOKE, "Son, your revival will be different.  Toronto was a revival of refreshing, Brownsville is a revival of repentance, Yours will be a revival of restoration; Restoration of the foundations of My temple, My Church, that My glory may once again fill My temple."

- July 1999, Pastor Steve Foss starts holding meeting at His church in Corona California 5 nights a week.  From this little church over 1000 souls get saved

-July 2001
Steve Foss starts a 3 day meeting at a church in Crystal Springs MS.  The power falls on children and a 25 months ensues.
- Oct 2008, Steve Foss has a Vision with hundreds of Angels he saw a large church filled with thousands of powerful, spiritual, anointed
 saints. God spoke to Steve and said, "The work of revival I began through you, I haven't completed."  He then told Steve to start a church where the fulfillment of the prophecy he received in Brownsville would be completed.



NOW 20 years EXACTLY

God has brought it all together.  This was NOT preplanned.  I didn't know it was 20 years exactly when we scheduled this conference.  God is about to do something GREAT.

  Great Awakening


Gather the Lost, 
hurting, and sick.


Who are the 3 people you are brining to the GREAT AWAKENING conference?  This is the time for the HARVEST!!!  There is an awesome soul winning anointing on the GreatAawakening tour team, so NOW is the TIME.  Please don't leave it up to somebody else.  You have received so much NOW it's time to invest in the life of somebody else.



That God would transform their lives 




EVERY NIGHT March 2nd - 9th @ 7pm

Sunday March 3rd & 10th @ 10:45am





God is MOVING in a NEW and AMAZING WAY!!!


The testimonies are flooding in.  People are having encounters with the spirit of God that are FAR beyond anything they have ever experienced before.  Many many new families are coming and joining the church because of the encounters they are having.



Join us for this amazing time of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Harvest of Souls.
On Friday March 8th as part of our Great Awakening conference we are doing an outreach in a poor neighborhood and we are giving any FREE 
items.  We Need YOUR donations. FURNITURE, ELECTRONICS, VIDEO GAME CONSOLES AND GAMES, NICE CLOTHING, CARS, anything that would be a GREAT BLESSING to someone in need.  We are using this a a draw to get people to come out so we can present the Gospel to them. Bring them to the church anytime between NOW and Friday March 8th.

Pastor Carrie and I want to thank you for all your Love and Faithfulness.  Together we are making a difference. 

Be an Evangelist this week and INVITE  3 people to come during the conference.  Let see God change peoples lives.



God Is Moving - Revival Is Here!



crowd wide