Hello from Friends! Here is a quick look at what's new in our work to fight AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria in the age of COVID-19.

Celebrating U.S. Leadership

in the Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS:

20 Years of PEPFAR

Twenty years ago, President George W. Bush announced a plan that would transform the global AIDS response. Since 2003, PEPFAR has partnered with the Global Fund to save 25 million lives through HIV treatment and prevention programs.

In his State of the Union address, President Biden celebrated the bipartisan legacy behind PEPFAR's anniversary: "20 years ago, under the leadership of President Bush, countless advocates and champions, we undertook bipartisan efforts through PEPFAR to transform the global fight against HIV... it has been a huge success."

Below are more highlights from PEPFAR's 20th anniversary:

  • Bill Gates on the legacy of PEPFAR and the work that needs to be done in the global fight against HIV/AIDS (Washington Post)

  • Friends' Chief Policy Officer Mark Lagon on the role of PEPFAR in an era of democratic backsliding (Think Global Health)

  • "20 Years of Making the Impossible, Possible"–– a compilation of PEPFAR's successes (Twitter)
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Congress’s Bipartisan Deal to Spend Billions More Fighting HIV and Malaria Abroad (Vox)

A new article in Vox reports on the bipartisan cooperation behind U.S. funding for global health programs like the Global Fund, PEPFAR and the President's Malaria Initiative.


  • "Ultimately, when asked, Republicans in the House and Senate explain their support for the Global Fund and global health funding in the same terms that Democrats and global health practitioners do: they think it saves lives, and that that’s a worthy use of their role in office. "

Many of the quotes highlighted in the article reference Friends' event celebrating bipartisan Congressional leadership and support for the Global Fund. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Leveraging the HIV Response to Strengthen Pandemic Preparedness (PLoS)

A new article in PLoS Global Public Health shares opportunities to invest in and build out from existing HIV platforms that are already making health systems more inclusive and resilient.

A blog summarizes key takeaways from contributing authors, Chris Collins, Michael T. Isbell, Quarraisha Abdool Karim, Annette H. Sohn, Chris Beyrer and Allan Maleche:

  • The HIV epidemic is far from over. More resources are needed to reach the millions who still do not have access to lifesaving treatment and prevention programs.


  • Both the infrastructure and core principles driving the global HIV response have much to contribute towards pandemic preparedness if additional resources are committed.
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Luxembourg Tops off its Pledge to Global Fund (Global Fund)

This week, Luxembourg increased its pledge to the Global Fund's seventh replenishment with an additional 3 million, bringing the total to nearly 15 million.

The U.S. will match $1 for every $2 contributed by other donors. Luxembourg's increased pledge leverages the U.S. match.

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"The Fight is Not Over"

Reaching Children Living with HIV

 (New York Times)

"The global fight against H.I.V. has saved millions of lives in the last 20 years — in no small measure because of U.S. investments in programs like the Global Fund and PEPFAR — but the fact that so many infections in children are going undetected and untreated is a powerful reminder that the fight is not over."

– Friends' President Chris Collins responds to a piece documenting the treatment gap for children living with HIV in a letter to the editor.

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Global Health News

  • African Leaders Unite in Pledge to End AIDS in Children (Global Fund)

  • Davos Conference Speaker Says Climate Change, Malaria Connected, as are Inflation and TB (Fox News)

  • Davos: Ending Tuberculosis: How Do We Get There? (WEF)
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