September 2021
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Inside This Special Issue... CAP Shares Extraordinary 9/11 Missions, Members, and Memories. #WeRemember
Cadet Interviews Mission Pilots of 9/11
The aircrew of CAP Flight 3131 remembers their historic mission on September 12, 2001, over the site of the World Trade Center. Interview with Lt. Col. Warren Ratis, CAP and Lt. Col Andrew Feldman, CAP. #civilairpatrol #911anniversary
The video prompts of the aircrew were conducted by New York Wing Cadet/Lt. Col. Sahil Swali. While you don't see him in the edited video, we thank him for his research and his thoughtful questions of the participants.
Thanks to AOPA, a video was produced last year, in commemoration of the 19th anniversary of 9/11. We wanted to re-share the content to provide more info about the mission and work of CAP Flight 3131.
United Flight 93 Pilot

A true American Hero, CAP's Alumni office was recently notified Flight 93 Pilot Jason Dahl's story includes a reference to his time as a Civil Air Patrol cadet.

We are asking for remembrances and stories related to this information.

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As we remember the events of the day that changed our world forever, CAP is committed to fulfilling our mission of volunteers serving America’s communities, saving lives, and shaping futures. Together we will honor those who gave their lives that day, our first responders and those who were touched in some way by the tragic events.
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