Green in Detroit? YES! And here's the 20 point plan...
October 2015
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We've heard it before. Detroit - Green - really? YES! Cobo Center took the leap to make sustainability and environmental stewardship a priority during the recent five-year renovation, and it is paying off for events in Cobo. Increasingly, our customers are incorporating the facility's Green organization into their events at little or no cost. Here's how you can too.  Cobo Green

Recent  Certifications and Awards

On July 9, 2015, Cobo Center became the 9th convention center in the U.S. to achieve the international Green Meeting Certification, by the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC), a non-profit, membership-based professional organization spearheaded by the US Environmental agency, which provides educational resources to planners, suppliers, and venues seeking to meet the ever-rising standards consumers set for sustainable meetings.   APEX/ASTM Venues Standard

Keep Michigan Beautiful President's Award

On October 16, 2015, Cobo Center was awarded the President's Plaque, Keep Michigan Beautiful highest annual award. KMB was founded in 1965 by then Michigan Governor George Romney as an affiliate to Lady Bird Johnson's Keep American Beautiful conference.  KMB

20 Key Ways Events Go Green in Cobo Center
  1. Investigate our Green certifications. They outline our operational structure for sustainability
  2. To save time in your RFP, simply email your questions about Green Events in Cobo Center to
  3. Use Cobo's free app and website to find sustainable transportation options and walkable local attractions
  4. Cobo Center has 180 recycling stations. Have some placed strategically throughout your event spaces especially on the closing day
  5. Cobo Center will supply a post-event sustainability report that meets the requirements of your Green Event sponsors
  6. Use signage without dates to promote re-use
  7. Use the online event service order forms on the Cobo website
  8. Distribute event information online or in digital format. Use Cobo's website detailed event listing. It can include graphics, videos, and links
  9. Use our free facility app to notify attendees of event and facility features
  10. Generate less paper waste by using Cobo's digital signage to announce sponsors, direct attendees and announce agendas
  11. Work with the Cobo Center chef to source locally and sustainably
  12. Request un-served food from your event be donated to Forgotten Harvest, a local food redistribution agency (48.8 million pounds of food last year)
  13. Publicize Cobo's sustainability practices to your attendees and encourage participation
  14. Cobo uses compostable food containers and utensils making food outlet waste 100% compostable or recyclable
  15. Your sponsor can underwrite a coffee break with their logos on compostable cups
  16. Have a sustainability slide show scrolling as attendees enter your event and emphasize the results of your effort in a way that makes them feel a part of it
  17. Recycle badge holders to local charities and declare to attendees with signage
  18. Inclusivity is sustainability. Work with your event manager to insure attendees special needs are met during your event 
  19. Create walking tours for attendees to encourage walking as transportation
  20. Cobo supports the use of bicycles as attendee transportation
Give me a call to talk about how Cobo Center can create a customized plan to meet your event's sustainability goals. We are ready for you!

Constance Wilson
Sales Manager, Cobo Center

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