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 Fighting Hunger - November 2012

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PMA 2012
Milestone 200 Million Pounds
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The Nunes Company is our grower of the month for November!  Thank you for all of your efforts to provide hungry people your wonderful fresh produce!  We appreciate you!  To find out more about The Nunes Company, go to their website:

PMA - Fresh

Summit Expo 2012

Lindsay Coate, our ED, had a terrific time at PMA this year.  It was great for her to see so many of our produce donors at the convention.  Thank you to all our donors for what you do for the community!!!

Welcome to Ag Against Hunger's monthly E-Newsletter. Each year Ag Against Hunger feeds over three million low-income people and distributes millions of pounds of fresh nutritious surplus produce throughout the West Coast. Thank you for your interest and support. To learn more, visit us at
Milestone 200 Million Pounds Distributed
RomaineOver the last After 22 years since Ag Against Hunger was founded, a record of over 200 million pounds of fresh nutritious produce has officially been donated to AAH! That equals one billion servings of fresh vegetables and fruit to those in need! We are so proud of our generous community and this truly amazing accomplishment! Jess Brown, one of Ag Against Hunger's founding members and Executive Director of the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau states, "When we started the program we thought we were reaching for the sky with a goal of 50,000 pounds of produce in the first year.  To now reach 200 million pounds of produce donations is amazing.  A big thank you to everyone involved in local agriculture for their on-going commitment to help those in need."
New York Express Fundraiser a Huge Success

Our "New York Express" annual fundraiser raised over $14,000 this year! A truckload of donated lettuce from Salinas sold at Hunt's Point in New York City. Dole Fresh Vegetables,

Ocean Mist Farms, Ippolito International, Taylor Farms, Tanimura and Antle, and The Nunes Company donated pallets of iceberg lettuce for this fundraiser, which benefits Ag Against Hunger's fall and winter programs. CH Robinson donated the associated delivery costs and transportation for the product that travelled to D'Arrigo Brothers of New York coordinated by Mark Sargent of S & S Marketing. Thank you to everyone involved! We truly appreciate your efforts.

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