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New Year Feeding
Trash to Treasure
Dance Group
The Jeremiah Women's Group are putting what they have learned in their weekly classes to significant use! They have recently instituted a song and dance group with several of the kids from the Character Training Program. Through this group they are taught discipline and self-respect while maintaining their deep-rooted culture. Singing and dancing is a fantastic way of expressing themselves in a healthy way and also keeps their spirits uplifted no matter their circumstances. Their traditional dances and songs are something that people volunteering with KIK get the pleasure of experiencing.
Rainbow Feet
Sandals and Kids

 It was a bleak and dreary day in January, but the sun finally shone through in the form of rainbow colored SHOES!
Over 500 pairs of shoes were given away this past week to children in the Banda Ghetto.
It brought many smiles to kids faces and unique footprints in the mud.
A thrilling experience to be a part of. The most exciting thing is, KIK plans to give away even MORE shoes.

    If you wish to be a part of this project please mark your donation specifically. Each pair of shoes only cost about $00.80!!! Just think about how many kids we can touch in this way. How many can you personally effect? For more photos of this project and others CLICK HERE!

Little Kid with new Shoes

Make a Difference
Ghetto Girl
Getting Involved!

How can you help? There are lots of ways to get involved with helping the people of Uganda. Below are some of the on-going projects KIK has established.

  • Make a Donation
        If you wish to send a    check:

KIK   3601 Fowler Dr.   Austin TX 78738
  • Educational Sponsorship
            -Ghetto Children: There are currently three children in the ghetto who need immediate assistance. $60.00 per child per semester. There are three semesters each school year. This equates to about $14.00 per child per month.

            -Orphans in Tomi's home:
             Filda age 13:    $200.00-300.00 per semester $600.00-$900.00 per year or $50.00-$75.00 per month
             Grace age 8:    $50.00 per semester, $150.00 per year or $12.50 per month
             Patricia age 7:  $50.00 per semester, $150.00 per year or $12.50 per month
             Rose age 4:      $50.00 per semester, $150.00 per year or $12.50 per month
             Fred:               Final year at University $1,500.00
             Geofery:           Trade School              $1,500.00

  • Boxes of Donations
        -Handcuffs with Key
        -Individually wrapped candies
        -Coloring Books
        -Dress up/Costumes
        -Clear Packing Tape
        -Sandwich Bags
        -Craft Items: construction paper, glue sticks, tape, etc.
        -Dart Gun with darts
        -Clothes (all sizes)

~ To send a box of donations, mark "personal items or donation" on the custom form. Send to: KIK PO Box 37533 Kampala Uganda, E. Africa

  • Shoe's
        Since shoes can be heavy to send if you wish to donate in this capacity, sandals in Uganda cost about $00.80 per pair. Just send a check marked accordingly to: KIK 3601 Fowler Dr. Austin TX 78738

  • Volunteer
        Come and visit us in Uganda!! You can visit as an individual or as a group. Experience the changing of lives personally and emotionally. It can change your life forever. If you are interested please contact Nicole at
Rainbow Issue January 2009

The end of January is fast approaching and so much has happened already. Now that our re-cap of 2008 is finished we are pleased to bring you a fresh look at 2009. So far it has been filled with projects that have cast a beautiful rainbow on even the darkest places of the Banda Ghetto. We hope that these accomplishments will inspire you to get involved and help "Change Nations, One Life at a Time!"

Kids Inspiring Kids
Feeding the Multitude
Meat 2011 feeding jan OVER 3,500 FED 
The third annual Christmas in the Ghetto kicked off as volunteers lined up, on January 1, 2009, to feed over 3,500 people. A wonderful way to start out 2009! Many of these children have never had the opportunity to have an entire meal that included meat from the slaughtered cows for the occasion.
Since its institution in 2006 Christmas in the Ghetto has grown every year to touch literally, thousands of lives. In 2006 over 1,000 people, mostly children were fed, and we expect next year to be even bigger. This is a huge project that needs the helping hands of many to be successful. Please consider being a part of this the next time the opportunity arises.

Feeding Line
Jenna was only seven years old when her mother died of AIDS in the Banda Ghetto leaving her and her four month old baby brother alone. Eight months later they were both adopted to a wonderful family in Colorado. Since living in Colorado with her new family Jenna had a dream to return to the Banda Ghetto to build for them a playground; an image and symbol of hope. An opportunity for the children of the area to actually have a glimpse of being a real child without the burden of their difficult lives.
At the end of 2008, the women of the Banda Ghetto (women do most of the work in Africa) began the huge project of clearing away a giant trash pile, which would become the location for the playground. Running into a few unexpected problems (A man with a shack was living on the trash pile with several pigs. Initially, he refused to move, but after much coaxing he now lives down the hill and out of the way of the new playground site.) the site was cleared just in time. In January 2009 Jenna, her younger brother Steven and their new family flew to Uganda to finish the project. Right before Jenna's eyes, her dream became a reality.


Now it stands, full of rainbow colors, on a hill top over-looking shanty houses of the ghetto as a small but unwavering flicker of light, of hope. Small pleasures are so often taken for granted, but not here.

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers for taking the time to come out and help finish this amazing project. It continues to impact hundreds of children's lives.

Monkey Bars
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Tomi Mills
Kids Inspiring Kids