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May 2010
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1. Where did Wal-mart founder Sam Walton get his first job?
2.  How many times was Gerald Ford elected U.S. President? 
3.  What famous poet/writer was expelled from West Point because he showed up for a parade in his birthday suit? 
4.  What English word has consecutive u's?
5. Who was the first American bilionaire?
6. Who invented charcoal briquettes?
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Grand Canyon
State Champions
2 Flagstaff Hockey Teams Win State Titles
Photo: Trey Gonzalez, Assoc. Capt.; Captain Jake Williams, Assoc. Captain Mason Lengyel. 

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Your most unhappy customer is your greatest source for learning.
~ Bill Gates

Failure is an option here. If you are not failing, you are not innovating enough.
~ Elon Musk

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
~ Alan Kay

The starting point of all achievement is desire.
~ Napoleon Hill

Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.
~ Helen Keller

If you do something stupid and it works, then it isn't stupid.
~ David Letterman
Picnics, Parties & Fundraisers
Even in the high country, May paves the way to months of good weather for picnics, parties and fundraisers. Venture Up has a range of ways to build team spirit or cash in for your group's charity event.
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Does your company or organization
 give beyond its borders?
GEO CACHING:  The Wild Burro Wilderness  
 GPS    1000 Sisters
Avery at the Ritz Carlton                avery loco
When 50 Avery executives met at the Ritz Carlton-Dove Mountain near Tucson on May 14, they were ready to take on a very new challenge -- Geo Caching the Wild Burro Wilderness, an area surrounding this new luxury resort. Venture Up designed this first-ever program for groups divided into teams of six people. Many execs were meeting each other for the first time.

Armed with  an E-Trex GPS unit, each team set out on a race to find at least 16 of the 35 way points, or coordinates. Venture Up set the points within a 3-mile radius, with a few tricky ones hidden within the resort itself. During the 2.5 hour course, some teams found all 35 points, and most met the minimum. 

Avery Dennison, the international label company, was in town to celebrate record sales with the Summit Club, a group of top sales people from South America and across the nation.
   ritz_logo             ritz carlton dove mountain                .1000 Sisters
Democratic Republic of the Congo 
  lu and congo women    brick making   
(Dungo, DRC)  -- Shortly after Luellen Kazan received her master's degree from Columbia University in May 2009, she set out for The Democratic Republic of the Congo as a humanitarian aid worker. Currently in Dungu, in northeastern DRC near the southern border of Sudan, Luellen is managing an Economic Recovery Program with Mercy Corps, an effort funded by USAID. The recovery program helps displaced people and their host communities by paying them to work on community projects, such as rehabilitating schools, roads and health centers.  

Luellen's work also involves delivering cash to the most vulnerable households in communities, building market places, and developing community micro-finance projects. The region of Northeastern DRC is extremely isolated and vulnerable, and the people are in need of enhanced protection efforts on the national and international levels to keep them safe from the abuses of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).
Flagstaff Bantams win 2010 Grand Canyon State Championship 
(Phoenix, AZ) -- In a town that lost its ice rink to a freak storm in January 2010, Flagstaff made its mark at the Grand Canyon State Championship Games in Phoenix last month.  Captain Jake Williams, of Flagstaff High School; Associate Captain Trey Gonzalez of Sinagua High School, and Associate Captain Mason Lengyel of Flagstaff Middle School, are shown above after the victory.  The younger Flagstaff Pee Wee team also won the state championship.  Flagstaff is currently rebuilding the ice rink, slated to open in November 2010.  
1.  What English word has consecutive u's? Vacuum
2. Who was the first American bilionaire? John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil in 1911
3. Who invented charcoal briquettes? Henry T. Ford, inventor of the automobile
4. Where did Wal-mart founder Sam Walton get his first job? J.C. Penney
5.  How many times was Gerald Ford elected U.S. President?  0
6.  What famous poet/writer was expelled from West Point because he showed up for a parade in his birthday suit? Edgar Allen Poe
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