My 2011 began amazing and
is ending amazing!

I got a third book deal with Kane Miller/Usborne Books and More Publishing and I cannot be more THRILLED!! I absolutely adore this company and the consultants who have helped put Dogs, Dogs! and Cats, Cats! in the Top 50 Best Sellers of Usborne Books! What a dream!!

I know we can do the same for my new book, Jonathan James and The Whatif Monster! I am starting the art this week and it will be out Fall 2012! How crazy is that?? But like I tell the kids at my visits, when life hands you your dream, you don't ask for more time, you just say YES!!

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Whatif Monster to remind yourself to
Follow YOUR Dreams in 2012!

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Have you ever asked yourself "What if?"

About 10 years ago I did. What if I could actually live my
dream and become a working artist? What if I could write
and illustrate children's picture books? What if I could travel
all over to talk to kids and inspire them to follow THEIR
'what if dreams' too? And then? I made it happen.

I show my art and tell my whole story before I read my books to the kids to show them that hard work and perseverance pays off.

The look on the little girl's face on the right is why I di what I do and will never, EVER stop!

Every success begins with the single decision to try. I did that. In 2011 two if my books got published and a whirlwind began. I traveled all over the country this past fall reading my books and telling my story to children. I can't begin to explain how my soul has been lit up by all the children I have been meeting. What amazing beings! They inspire me so much! I have over 7,000 pinkie promises from children all over the United States so far that have promised me they will follow their dreams - and tell me about it one day! Don't worry y'all, I got the future covered! Just look!

Just some of THOUSANDS of pinkie promises with so many
more to come!!

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