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Newton, CT 


After the devastating, horrific news of the mass shootings in Newtown, CT yesterday, I wasn't sure when it would be appropriate to send any news.... Our hearts and thoughts go out to the families and community that will be living the nightmare for months and years to come. I can't even imagine how they are coping and how they will face the days to come.


Let's all join hands and send virtual healing thoughts their way.

Today's News 


Here's a cute holiday video from Equine Advocates that will put a smile on your face.  







Nona sent this to me on Thursday and will definitely lift your spirits. It's a video of adorable goats playing to the tune of jingle bells.







Here's a NY times article on the wild ones after a visit to Carol Walker's place to meet her mustangs. You can visit Carol's website, Wild Hoofbeats, here.




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