mabonThe Turn of the Wheel
Fall Equinox - Sept. 23

Dear Beloveds,


I sat down to write a transmission for Gaia's Turn of the Wheel in which we find ourselves this Fall Equinox  2011, with no inspiration arriving on the set. What DIDjoy coaster synchronously arrive was the following missive from Rev. Glenn of Trees, called "Confessions of a Bodhisatva Wanna Be". Its tone and content reflected what I had already decided to focus on in this Turn of the Wheel missive, concerning the attitude with which to approach the times we are in, namely to LAUGH ALOT in spite of the "seriousness of the appearances" on the screen of life!! In the spirit of cooperation and not reduplicating energies, I asked him, if I could send his article out instead of writing another one. So it goes out with the following addendum which I would have included, had I written the article.


My life has been lived under the banner of "Enlightenment is about LIGHTENING UP! Humor is the hallmark of higher consciousness". Where we came up with the notion that spiritual evolution had to be dourly serious, I can't imagine. If you haven't noticed dalai lama laughingthe contagious smile on the Dalai Lama's face and his childlike and playful attitude, you haven't seen through to what spiritual enlightenment actually is. We have a lot invested in "serious" spiritual pursuits and a whole Western world view in which pain and suffering are the central organizing principle. ENOUGH ALREADY!!  That position as brought us to where we are now on the brink of ecocide. Now would be a perfect moment to consider quantumly jumping on to another track: The Joy, Ecstasy, Bliss, Laughter Track!!  I am not going to argue with you if you want to hold the polarity of the "this is a serious matter" position, don't read on.  But if, just if, you want to open the door to a totally different possibility of how to hold the times we are in, please read on.


Shocking as this view of the hologram may be to some, the whole point of the Mayan calendar was not time keeping at all. Actually it was to bring human beings into the awareness of living fully in the present moment in Timelessness.It was NOT about a catastrophic ending to the world as we know it in 2012!  (Without judgment, I still must say, I am disheartened by those who have presented the Maya and their mapping of the times in which we now navigate, coloring it with such dark interpretations.) But no matter, we will experience the truth anyway and some of us laughing while we are at it, regardless of the apparent predicted outcomes, because it is clear to anyone who has "been down the road" that the goal of human evolution is to finally GET the cosmic joke and choose to live in timeless JOY and LOVE!


There is only one thing any good star Maya would advise for navigation in this time: "Any way that you can move out of fear and into Unity, choosing love, do that." Plain and simple. When you are living fully in the present moment, there is really no way to "prepare" for whatever transformation may be coming. So all that is reasonable to invite you to do, is to deeply enjoy your lives and find more reasons to gather in community to laugh and play! You then will be more fluid and supple in consciousness to deal with whatever comes. With that said, ENJOY THIS DELIGHTFUL ARTICLE BELOW! Thank you Reverend Glenn of Trees!


Joy to the Journey Fellow Adventurers!! 

Your sister,


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Confessions of a Bodhisatva Wanna-Be"

By Rev. Glenn of Trees  

Mission of the Creative Spirit 


Namaste...and chins up. If you are ready for your "faith-lift", read on!


With all that is happening now (earthquakes, hurricanes, predictions of "you name it" ) I am wanting to get my Valentines and April Fools thoughts off to you, just in case I or you won't be here. I had to seriously ask my spirit guides, if this is a classic case of a divinely projected illusion finding oneself in a fun house that's closing? "It takes one to know one," was all I cryptically got.


My old friends might remember back in 1987 when I was headed off to Mexico for the Harmonic Convergence. Some still ask "Did that happen?"  (Quetzalcoatl only knows!) Before I left, I sent out a letter similar to this one basically saying "Thanks for the dance; I love you." I was passionately moved to go off on this spiritual pilgrimage to El Tule, just outside of Oaxaca,Quezacoatl to meditate for 40 days under a 2000 year old tree prior to the return of Quetzalcoatl and the anticipated "lift off". It was here according to legend, that The Harmonic Convergence had been conceived and where "the real" Quetzalcoatl had sat teaching. Before leaving, I hosted a party with the theme of "It's my party and I can fly if I want to" . (This is the original thought that inspired "Now Voyager & Company", in which I offer to "the nearly departed" , to be their funeral celebrant, assisting each soul in the creation of "the party of a lifetime" before s/he leaves here. I am fond of saying "remember to keep the fun in funeral".) 



I said my farewells, not knowing if  I would be returning, or when, or if I would come back transformed as a "walk-in" (hosting a new empowered energy), to be another incognito delivery boy of Peace on Earth.

It was with the leap of a fool for God, ready to fly in good faith, for the highest good of all, that I leapt!



I had taken all those predictions to heart. I was ready willing, able and prepared (keeping in mind that even applying for a job as a cosmic delivery boy for peace on Earth, was not something that could ever make a Jewish mother happy...unless her name is Mary)! As we all know, the space ships never came. I still have my rubber chicken, whoopee cushion, and Groucho Marx  glasses that I had taken along to explain "Earth humor" to the Star Beings. I also learned to travel lightly after that. (I still believe to this day that my pet rock, crystals and other "power objects" ironically marked me as a "heavy weight" to avoid.) So I went deeper into the land of the Maya....and mayan treeisn't it interesting how that word can be read as "illusion" as well.


I ended up in Guatemala. Teachings were received. Mysteries were experienced. I lived at Lake Atitlan, remembering Atlantis in each meditation. I was instructed that I would be told when to return "home"( here on Earth still, not Venus yet...and yes, not all men are from Mars!). It was then that Love recognized Itself, and The Bliss Brothers became one. So who is to say a Harmonic Convergence never happened (for me)? It just may not have been in the expected way! Perchance this was the whole reason for my trip...after all, sitting in meditation for 40 days under a tree will change any bodhi! Go ask Buddha!


My most unforgettable memory of that night, (the day after The Assumption of The Blessed Mother), waiting for The Plumed Serpent to come and dust bust the bejeezes out of the darkness, is of sitting around a ceremonial fire, prepared by a few of the other 300 pilgrims guided to El Tule. I was now watching in bewilderment as a few brazen Brazilian girls nonchalantly dried their laundry over the fire. I was trying, very unsuccessfully, to muffle my gales of laughter, having to explain as best as I could to the local church elders that "this was not my party!" For after being  mostly solo under the tree for the previous 40 days, reminding the locals of their forgotten dieties and prophesies, and explaining as well, the profound circumstances of the coming Harmonic Convergence, that they came to think that somehow I was the one responsible for inviting all the others to come and join me here. The Fraternity of the Virgin into which I had been lovingly embraced, now were looking at me very queerly!  Let's just say there was one very freaked out priest who in addition to demanding to see my ordination papers from the hierarchy that had sent me, needed to be reassured we'd all be gone in the morning (space ship or no space ship)!


Now "the end of the ending" is said to be coming (again) in these ("2011-12") days. Since any date is simply "a heart beat in galactic time", how can any human being figure out a specific date? (As a prune, on the other hand,maya pyramid 


I can.) I have no idea any more who or what to believe about the "ch ch changes" that we are told are coming. I plan to simply keep centered in my divinity, focused upon the Divine One and laugh as much as possible!

With this being said, I want to "Valentine" you now : so, "Will you be Mayan?" and no matter your answer,  know that "I love you". Come what may, I look forward to seeing you back in God, and thanks for the time we have had together on this divine playground!


Goddess knows I surely expected to be in Oz before all this! Maybe it will be with the next rush of a tsunami wave that I will come to meet Venus, or some broom stick of nature will sweep The Bliss Brothers "Down Under" or Over the Rainbow...saving us the selling of The Zendo Dada and the packing up! (Dorothy must have had at least one change of undies in her basket, but does it really matter?)


As for the fool that I am and others like me, do not be fooled,  the world needs us as much as it does any messiah. Take heart in the words of St. John, "You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." For now, I'm working on my Gloria swan song, "I Will Survive" which comes right after "I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet" (...Ahhh, if only Mama Cass were here to back me up!) So dear ones, if nothing happens around 2012, then April Fools is on me.. just as it always has been; however, the closing act is up to you!


 I still believe as I wrote in a cover letter long ago when applying as a church's re-creation specialist ( not entertaining the missionary position one bit), " A good root is like a prayer, and the way back to The Garden is just forplay in mind...since Adam is still dreaming. (Gotta' love those morning glories!)"



crackerjack boxMy parting words are these: In no way enter fear or interfere with the big picture show. Be prepared with a box or two of cracker jacks and laugh your sweet assumption off before the curtain drops and you see that familiar pig on the big projection screen who has always been trying to get us to realize  "th.. th... that's all folks!" I am predicting that inside your box you'll find the same prize, by no surprise, as the one I got : a  tattoo for your third eye, that reads


"Enlightenment is a by product of Laughter!"


See ya, when ever, where ever, what ever and know beyond a doubt, "Love you got!"

Reverend Glenn of Trees