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2014 Ald. Fioretti 2nd Ward Calendar of Events

Monday, January 20th- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

February 7th-Principals' Breakfast

February 14th- Love a Senior on Valentine's Day

March 7th- Ministers' Breakfast

April 19th- Spring Clean & Green

May 16th- Veterans Job Fair
June 13th- Senior Luncheon and Party

July- Back to School event

September 7th- Bike the 2nd Ward

October 4th- Fall Clean & Green

November 7th- Job Fair

December- Adopt a Family, Sock Drive for the Homeless, Senior Holiday Pie Distribution, Holiday Party for Condo Managers and Board Presidents 


Dear Neighbor,


Here is a quick review of the happenings of 2013, and a quick look at what to expect in the year to come in our ward. 2013 was a trying year for our city - from mass school closings to gun violence taking the lives of so many Chicagoans. But we also saw our moments of inspiration as our community came together to build a better future, both in the 2nd Ward and beyond.



There were a number of school closings in the 2nd Ward. I opposed these closings, testified at the hearings against the closings, and based in part on my testimony, three of the proposed closings were not recommended by the hearing officers chosen by CPS. Despite these recommendations, CPS proceeded to finalize all proposed closings in the 2nd Ward.

  • Pershing West was combined with Pershing East at 3222 S. Calumet;
  • Calhoun North, on West Jackson near Sacramento, and King, off Western and south of Congress, were closed. Calhoun students moved to Cather, at Washington near Sacramento; King students were moved to Jensen, at Sacramento and Congress;
  • The Dett building was closed and Dett students were moved into the Herbert building on Monroe west of Damen.
  • Kellman, on Sacramento south of Congress, was relocated and combined with Bethune, located across the street.
  • Learn Charter moved into the Kellman building, and Ombudsman, a new charter serving students who have dropped out of high school, moved into the Learn charter building, at Western and Congress.
  • Dodge, an AUSL school on Washington west of Western, was combined with Morton in the East Garfield Park area.
  • Montefiore, a school for boys with behavioral issues, was a receiving school for two other similar schools.

The results of all of these closings are still being addressed. Safe Passage routes were created for all of the closed school areas, and we are monitoring the situation closely.

There were also a number of school openings in the 2nd Ward:

  • I am pleased to note that a beautiful new Jones High School building was completed on State just west of Congress. As a condition for my approval of the funding for the building construction, CPS agreed to allow students who live nearby to apply to attend the new Jones. 75 students will be enrolled in Jones through this program each year. Jones will be open for neighborhood events and activities like swimming and sports. A new artificial turf field is also being constructed as part of the Jones project for the use of Jones students at National Teachers Academy, and this field will also be available for neighborhood use.
  • Ombudsman, an alternative high school, opened in 2013.
  • The Marine Academy, on Campbell just west of Western, is proposed to be moved into the Ames school in Logan Square starting in the fall of 2014. That would leave the Phoenix Military Academy as the sole school in the Grant Campus.
  • Finally, a new Crane Medical High School opened in 2013.
  • Mayor Emanuel is currently considering the reuse of the buildings used by Calhoun North, Dett, King, Dodge and Pershing East, and the other 50 closed schools. The Mayor's Facilities Task Force is considering proposals and should come out with recommendations early in 2014. I will be monitoring these developments closely to ensure that these buildings are put to productive use in our community.
  • Two job fairs, one for veterans and one for the general public, attracted hundreds and connected employers and employees to put people back to work. 


Numerous street resurfacing projects:   

  • Canal, Harrison to Roosevelt
  • Clinton, Monroe to Roosevelt
  • Damen, Jackson to Monroe
  • Madison, Ashland to Paulina
  • Madison, Western to Sacramento
  • Ogden, Madison to Oakley
  • Roosevelt, MIller to Oakley
  • 15th Street, Paulina to Wood
  • Wood, Adams to Ogden
  • Polk, Francisco to California
  • Throop, Washburne to Roosevelt
  • Throop, Taylor to Roosevelt
  • Sangamon, Jackson to dead end
  • Leavitt, Madison to Van Buren
  • Bell, Monroe to Jackson
  • Wood, Taylor to Roosevelt
  • Throop, Jackson to Van Buren
  • Campbell, Flournoy to Polk
  • Solidarity Drive in front of Adler Planetarium

Additionally,  numerous Water Department and lighting projects were carried out in 2013, enhancing quality of life and increasing public safety

I sponsored or co-sponsored the following pieces of legislation:
  • Call for hearing(s) on findings and recommendations regarding retiree healthcare costs
  • Call for Superintendent of Chicago Police Department to testify before the Committee on Public Safety on recent changes made in the type of response and investigation to 911 calls
  • Call for hearing(s) into site selection and performance of Red Light Cameras
  • Call for Chicago Board of Education to establish moratorium on charter school expansion for 2014-2015 school year
  • Call for President Barack Obama and U.S. Congress to designate Pullman District as national park or historic monument
  • Call for hearing(s) on reconstitution or elimination of Taste of Chicago
  • Amendment of Municipal Code Section 13-20-680 regulating off-premise signage
  • Call for Budget Director to update Budget Committee members on overtime status and impact on fiscal year 2013 budget
  • Amendment of Municipal Code Section 7-28-261 regarding fines and penalties for accumulation of refuse preventing closure of commercial refuse containers
  • Amendment of Municipal Code Section 2-56-010 regarding law enforcement powers and duties of Office of Inspector General
  • Call for hearing(s) on measures to prevent human trafficking
  • Call for funding for identification and treatment of ash trees infested with emerald ash tree borers
  • Amendment of Municipal Code Section 2-156-111 regarding prohibited conduct by elected officials or city employees
  • Call for hearing(s) on establishment of City-mandated warranties for residential and commercial development and construction
  • Redistribution of surplus funds from Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts
  • Call for hearing(s) on newly mandated state fire regulations
  • Call for hearing(s) on fiscal condition of City pension funds
  • Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 18-14 concerning building energy use benchmarking and solicitation of compliance information
  • Amendment of Municipal Code Section 8-32-130 to disallow under penalty any agency or business to conduct loading and unloading operations within residential districts between 10:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M which cause noise disturbances


    Call for hearing(s) concerning Comcast Cable's alleged inequitable compensation system and noncompliance with City's Cable Ordinance and Cable Franchise Resolution
  • Amendment of Municipal Code Titles 2 and 3 concerning establishment of City Council Legislative Office for Minority and Women-Owned Business Participation and Compliance 

  • More than 1000 volunteers lent a helping hand for our two 2nd Ward Clean and Greens 
  • Bike the 2nd Ward took over 100 participants on a 17- mile scenic journey of the 2nd Ward
  • Over 100 Seniors enjoyed Hot Fun In The Summertime, our annual senior luncheon 
  • Ministers' and Prinicipals' Breakfasts brought together community leaders for the benefit of our communities
  • Back to School Event provided free physicals and school supplies

  • Through the Adopt-a-Family Program, members of the community generously donated to 50 families during the holiday season 
  • 500 pair of socks were donated for the homeless through our drive with Chicago Help Initiative



I am proud that several park projects were begun or were nearing completion in 2013 in the 2nd Ward:

  • Women's Park completed the renovation of the second and third floors of its field house, with flexible space for multipurpose dance, exercise and child activities. The top floor is being rented to Kid Science, which provides science classes for children. This is another TIF project my office, alongside the vital Advisory Council and interested residents, have been working on for several years. 
  • A sculptor was chosen to prepare a statue of Paul Laurence Dunbar in Dunbar Park. The sculpture is the final element in the first phase of the renovation of Dunbar Park, another TIF project that brought a new playground, walkways, lights and other improvements to a major park on the South Lakefront. 
  • Anderson Park, to be located at 16th Street and Wabash, will include a dog-friendly area and performance stage. This park was named for Fred Anderson, an international jazz artist who owned the Velvet Lounge in the South Loop for many years, and contributed to the life and arts in the area by fostering many young musicians. Construction is expected to be completed in 2014.
  • The Corps of Engineers has agreed to fund the creation of a wildlife area on the southern half of Northerly Island, with bike paths and areas to camp and enjoy nature. This project is beginning, and should be completed in 2014.
  • The southeast corner of Grant Park will be renovated, including a new skate park, seating areas and landscaping.
  • With the Park District and the CHA Rockwell Working Group, we finalized designs for a new park in the Rockwell Gardens area. The park is under construction, and will have a new playground and significant new landscaping. This will complement the new CHA's Maplewood Courts development, which has been approved and will be located across the street from the new park.
  • I continue to advocate for multi-use of facilities in his ward. In this area, the West Haven CDC has used the gym in the Phoenix Military Academy building each summer for a basketball tournament attended by up to 800 people each night, for youth and adults in the area. I've also supported summer programs in the Military Academy for CHA-resident youth in the area.
  • The final phase of Fosco Park was finished in 2013, with the opening of a new outdoor park area adjacent to the field house. This will allow park programming both indoors and outdoors.



I believe the availability of enough affordable housing is critical to ensuring that our communities are safe and healthy places to live. I am pleased to report on two important updates related to the maintenance of a reasonable level of affordable housing in the 2nd Ward:

  • Plans continue to proceed for the extension of the TIF in the ABLA CHA area.
  • The Maplewood Courts development has been going through the approval process and it is expected to start construction in the Rockwell area in 2015.




In 2013, I was proud to join the newly formed Progressive Reform Caucus, of which I am a co-chair along with Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th Ward) and Ald. Toni Foulkes (15th Ward). With my Progressive Caucus colleagues, we've fought for the passage of policies to create a more fair and just Chicago:

  • We opposed the mass school closings and called for increased funding for neighborhood public schools.
  • We introduced a set of ordinances designed to strengthen the office of our government watchdog, the Inspector General, to ensure greater transparency and accountability for the City of Chicago.
  • In the 2014 budget process, we called for the hiring of 500 new police officers to help stem the extreme level of violence we've seen in Chicago in recent years. We also called for the restoration of funding for public mental health services that were cut in 2011.

All in all, 2013 was a busy year full of challenges, but also full of many successes and great opportunities. Thank you for all that you do. I look forward to working with you in 2014.