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Read 'em and weep. I can only hope they know the end is near and that is the reason for the escalating numbers this year. Darrell is monitoring changes to Japan's December numbers as they are outrageous. He's hoping it's an error.



Total for 2012: 176,223





Okay, I purposely did not mention the brand of lasagna so as not to jump the gun and ruin the reputation of Stouffer's. But, Reuters now has a release that states Nestle's is withdrawing all beef products in Europe. I'm going to gag.


Nestle withdraws beef products after horse DNA found: FT



I received a reply to my email from Nestle's and they stated it does not impact the US. I'm writing them back asking them where the meat comes from. Just because it's distributed out of OH, doesn't mean it's US beef. I believe Findus (the plant in the middle of the scandal) has a plant in Switzerland and Nestle's is based in Switzerland. They also "assured" me they don't use any horse meat in their products. I don't doubt they believe that but if the plant producing the meat is adding horse meat, how would they know?



I'll let you know when I receive a response.    





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