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I can only take so much of Wallis and her manure so I took it out on the keyboard. Here is my latest on Wallis and Skye McNiel.


Toxins sweeping down the plains




Wallis unleashed!  


I'll bet ol' Charlie Stenholm is going to burn the soles of his shoes off lobbying against this one! There was a report today that had quoted Tom Vilsack as saying he suggested to Congress that they find an alternative to horse slaughter. Well, you can imagine Wallis' reaction. This is coming after all her manure saying how well her meetings went with the USDA and that plants would be opening in January. That's after the two that would open last September.


Here is what she posted on facebook today (not sure if it was her page or the closed group). BTW-she has since posted the plants will open and that by law they have to issue inspections, blah, blah, blah. I would suggest you remove any liquid from your mouth before reading.  


Unbelievable! Here it is National Ag Day and our so-called Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack comes out with most idiotic, uneducated, and anti-agriculture statement on horse processing imaginable. That is "Secretary of AGRICULTURE", Mr. Vilsack, not "Secretary of the Humane Society of the United States/animal rights wacko nutjobs/Anti-Horse Industry Secretary"


News Flash, Mr. Vilsack - The needed market for meat horses entails a hell of a lot more than just old horses!


Okay, all of you farmers and ranchers and all of you horse people and organizations...get those flaming pens out, type those smoking letters...WE NEED A DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE THAT WORKS FOR AGRICULTURE- - AND, THAT INCLUDED THE HORSE BUSINESS- - NOT AGAINST US, for Christ's Sake, People!


I'm PISSED, and you should be, too!




The report referenced above was in the Hagstrom Report. You need a subscription to read the article but here is the teaser:


Secretary seeks horse-slaughter alternative


March 19, 2013 | Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack called on Congress to come up with other ways to handle aging horses than to slaughter for meat for human consumption. ...



You can call the FSIS Communication of Public Affairs office for the USDA at

202-720-9113 to thank Secretary Vilsack. Please be polite, thank him for taking a stance against horse slaughter and for encouraging Congress to pass S 541and HR 1094, the S.A.F.E. legislation.





That leads us to a video that was discovered today. If you recall, the Bloomberg article mentioned, Tim Sappington, who is Santos' only employee that will buying horses for him. The video has been removed (but preserved by several people as well as screen prints). It shows a beautiful horse with a slaughter sticker tied to a fence. In the next scene, he is walking the horse and then steps away. The horse comes to him and he pulls a gun out and shoots him. His only words were F*** You Activists.


That's just another kill buyer that is a pillar of society.






The slaughter stats are in for January, February and two weeks of March. I haven't had time to update my spreadsheets but Mexico is up over 30% from last year and up about 20% overall. I'll send you the links when the spreadsheets are updated.





Here's a quick poll for you on Fox.


The NOs are at 62% as I type this.




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