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Get A Chinese GHS Poster Free of Charge

Contact us( and we will mail the poster to your designated address(your factory, friend, colleague or supplier, etc) in China. 
Offer Expires 15/08/2013.  Free GHS poster only available to CIRS's existing clients.


Thank you for your continued support in subscribing our monthly newsletter or using our services. We appreciate each and every one of you. If not for your continued support, we would not be able to be here. As the number of our subscribers has reached 8,000 this summer, we would like to celebrate this by launching an exclusive 2013 summer offer for you. 


All CIRS's existing clients can request a Chinese GHS poster free of charge. The electronic version of GHS poster can be viewed hereContact us and we will mail the poster to your designated address in China. You can send it to your Chinese factory, your colleague, your friend or your supplier or anyone that you think might have a need for it. 


If you are not CIRS's existing clients yet, you may attend the following two exciting workshops and receive a copy of GHS poster free of charge.


In addition to above, CIRS is now offering 20% off discount on all SDSs in various languages. This offer is limited to 5 SDSs per company only. You can also get a free GHS poster by becoming our SDS client. 

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