GAFCON Report 4

Thursday is coming to an end for us in Nairobi as I write this, though it is just mid-afternoon for you all. I hope you are all getting content from the Gafcon website, while I offer more color commentary from my vantage point.


The Russell family is especially on my heart, and I look forward to hearing about Walter's surgery.


We are continuing through the book of Ephesians in our morning worship. Today's teaching was given by the Rev. John Yates, III, who some of you may know.


Worship music today led by the Ugandan church. What a glorious, if somewhat aerobic, experience!  It is such a special treat to have such hearty, enthusiastic singing and participation.  Wish I could bottle some to share with you as it is hard to put into words.  


We had two mini conference sessions today instead of the three we had yesterday.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and small group interactions.  Today I received a training idea for our ordinands that was exciting to me.  We'll see down the road whether it is something to pursue or not. Fun to get teaching from folks with many different accents and perspectives.

Today we had an outing to the Nairobi Animal Reserve.  Fun to see an abundance of animals and good conversation times en route. Will probably miss some we saw in their natural habitats, but will try nonetheless: white and black  rhino, baboon, giraffe, wildebeest, gazelle, ostrich, zebra, warthog, hyena, antelope, buffalo, lion, and water buffalo.


We then went to a gala dinner event at the Carnivore restaurant where they had erected a huge tent to house us. Fun African entertainment and a great assortment of African and European dishes.


Tomorrow things begin to wrap up, with final mini conference session and presentation by the statement writing group.

Today's highlight connections: 

  • A single woman lay minister who works in a rough neighborhood in England. We found much in our ministry philosophy and even gifting that was similar and we were able to encourage each other in the Lord.
  • More time with Bishop Wasonga, while I asked him many specific, practical details about how he pastors his clergy, since that had made such an impression on me when I was in his home 10+ years ago.
  • Extended conversation with a young Nigerian cathedral dean while on the safari bus together. Our conversation focused on women's ordination. He had so many questions for me since that is not part of his experience. It was a great heart connection between the two of us, and he was so appreciative to have my world and experience opened up to him. Lots of new ideas and thoughts for him to ponder.


Thanks for your continued prayers as this Gafcon transitions to a close. Thanks also for your love and encouragement!



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